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So I decided to try watching the new Roswell. Kind of an interesting take on a remake.

Same characters, similar plot, but instead of happening in high school, events are taking place when everybody's in their mid-twenties. They made angrysad foster kid Michael canon queer and made one of the less popular slash ships from the original show canon.

I didn't watch the original series religiously or anything, but I saw maybe 1/4 of it. I always thought the main het ship looked too similar to each other in the original -- like they should have been playing siblings instead of love interests. They fixed that this time around with some racebending. Show now has actual Latinx actors and makes some relevant meta-commentary on immigration and racism -- given it's a show about aliens (from outer space) in a US border town, this is what the original series SHOULD have been doing so it's good that the reboot is making an effort.

TL&DR I like it so far -- it's exactly the kind of fanfic I would have wanted to read when the original show was airing.


Jan. 18th, 2019 10:07 am
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I applied to 4 jobs yesterday. I need to apply to 2 more today and make at least some progress on an additional 2 applications (one job is one that I've applied to before, but it's half a year later and this time I'm actually editing together a reel for them to make it look like I'm more serious about sound design and not just a composer settling for the next best thing) (though technically that is exactly what I am) and I've got another 7 or so lined up for the next week.

Basically applying to anything even vaguely music or audio industry related, which makes this all a huge pain, because the jobs are all just different enough that I can't recycle the same CV or swap out names on the cover letter -- I actually gotta re-do shit from scratch.

I've been having a really rough week tbh. Huge fight with my sister. Not enough hours at current job (hence the job hunt) and stressed about money.

Today I get to read an audiobook for the blind library, which I love doing, so hopefully, that will cheer me up and if not there is ice cream in the freezer and bourbon on the shelf and Ocean's 8 is included with my sister's HBO subscription.
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So yesterday, after buying some pre-sliced beef marrow bones on a whim at Whole Foods (I went in hoping to buy chicken liver, since all my other local grocery stores have stopped selling it; consequently this Whole Foods has ALSO stopped selling it, and the butcher shop I tried only sells enormous restaurant portions), I roasted them for a bit, ate some of the marrow with some gnocchi I had in the fridge, then threw the bones and whatever marrow was still clinging to the insides of them into a pot to make a minimalist bone broth -- by which I mean I just boiled the bones with a few cloves of garlic and some dry Herbes de Provence spice mix and a few bay leaves and didn’t bother to add fresh vegetables like most recipes call for because I didn’t feel like going on another grocery run.

I put it in the fridge last night. I want it to simmer for another day before I strain it, but before putting it back on the stove this morning, I took all the fat that had floated to the top of the mix, now solidified and infused with Herbes de Provence and garlic, put a little in a frying pan to scramble this morning's eggs, and put the rest in an empty cream cheese container I rescued from my recycling bin and back in the fridge.

Best goddamn scrambled eggs I've ever eaten.

ETA: I made it to the grocery store and got a red onion and some baby carrots to add to the bone broth. I will use it for couscous later in the week.
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So I just got about one page into this New Yorker Review of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel before getting too pissed off to continue.

Like, okay, I don't expect everybody to like the show. It's fluffy.

But it seems like the main thrust of Emily Nussbalm's scathing critique is that the female protagonist is too much of a Mary-Sue, which ... really?

She describes the show as a "cloying fantasia" which is a really fancy way of saying that the protagonist is too unrealistic -- why? Well, because she's good at more than one thing, success in her chosen career comes fairly easily to her, and also she's pretty.

The show's protagonist has the same base personality type, talent level, and attributes as, oh let's say ~80% of the male leads in all genres of television throughout television history. And yet a female writer penned this critique, seemingly without any self-awareness as to the double standards the critique is perpetuating.

The author of the article also thinks the show could be edgier. How, you ask? She thinks the butch manager should be pining after the straight protagonist. The non-gender-conforming butch isn't sad or pathetic enough.

I threw up a little in my mouth and then I didn't bother reading the rest.


I'm so tired.

Let women have power fantasies.
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The nicest thing about learning to brew mead from tumblr -- besides having mead, is that I get all the social benefits of having an interesting hobby without most of the work associated with having an interesting hobby.

To someone who knows very little about either process, saying "I brew mead" sounds just as impressive as saying "I restore old books" but the former only requires about an hour of labor a month, if that.
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So I realized this week that the problem with the tween romance in Stranger Things is that it’s essentially the Born Sexy Yesterday trope performed by children.

Which is to say, the premise of the romantic connection is that girl likes boy because he’s the first boy she’s ever met and presents himself as her window to the world.

The other side of that is that boy likes girl because she fits a controlling fantasy in which he gets to be her first everything and teach her everything he wants her to know and never have to worry about her having interests outside of him since the only interests she has are the ones he gives her.

The trope is made even creepier in the second season, most of which she spends in solitary isolation in a shack in the woods, never able to see people her age unless she astrally projects herself, which causes her nosebleeds.

I can’t decide which is creepier:

The regular version of this trope, in which an adult woman’s body contains a mind of a baby

Or the child version of this trope, in which a 13 year old boy who should be learning how to interact in a healthy manner with girls who are his peers, instead finds a pretty girl he can keep in his closet and groom.

Dr. Who

Dec. 5th, 2018 06:30 pm
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I made a promise with myself that if Dr. Who ever got a woman doctor I'd start watching it -- and I have!

I'm really enjoying it so far. Love all the season's core characters. Really enjoyed the witch trial episode, particularly the nod to the very queer history of King James in casting Alan Cumming.

It's hit and miss. The Rosa Parks episode was particularly painful, pushing the whitewashed "she was just tired" propaganda version of the narrative, erasing Claudette Colvin, and making it seem like civil rights revolutions are the result of happenstance and individual acts of surprise heroism, when in fact they are long, multi-pronged campaigns carefully engineered by a whole community of dedicated, organized, educated activists.


The political satire seems to be falling flat in a lot of places.

In Arachnids in the UK, the unscrupulous gun nut businessman with political aspirations is clearly supposed to be an outrageous caricature of a rich white republican man, but like. Trump already exists. And Trump is already a caricature of a caricature of a caricature of himself. So any attempt to parody the American stereotype in fiction fails, because what was supposed to be a caricature instead comes across as a calmer, more intelligent, more reasonable, & toned down version of Trump -- the milquetoast!Trump.

Kerblam!, the Amazon Prime episode was just ...bad worldbuilding. The villain's motivations just ... made no sense? Why is the future proletariat so foolish as to be fighting robot slaves for acces to unfulfilling, dangerous, repetitive, socially isolating factory labor? I spent the whole episode just yelling UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME at the screen.

I'm surprised at how much death there is in this show. How much, and also how formulaic the death is in the show. It seems to be the pattern that the show gets you emotionally invested in several new characters at the beginning of an episode and then proceeds to kill 1/2 to 2/3 of said characters before the end of the episode. Like, characters die in Star Trek, but not generally in a "tragedy of the week" sort of way.

Are the previous season like that?

I think my favorite episodes so far are Demons of Punjab and The Witchfinders.


Dec. 4th, 2018 10:53 pm
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So apparently nsfw content is forbidden on .IO domains:
No .IO domain may be used, directly or indirectly, for any purpose that is sexual or pornographic or that is against the statutory laws of any Nation. In the event of the Registry being advised by any party that a specific site breaches this condition then the Registry reserves the right to immediately deactivate the offending registration.

Fandom may need to rethink migrating to Pillowfort until/unless they move their platform to a different domain.

Also does anybody know of a nice informational video that will explain to me the free web / peer to peer web publishing? I got a link to the beaker browser website but I need a friendly voice to explain to me in small words what that actually is.
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VICE article: Sex Workers Pioneered the Early Internet
Adam Ruins Everything Episode: How Prostitutes Settled the Wild West

I'd love to find more examples of the role of sex workers in building civilization/societies/functioning communities in different cultures and throughout history.


Jun. 19th, 2012 01:49 pm
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I got a tumblr. And I actually seem to be using my tumblr! So if you want to see me doing fannish things, you might want to check out my tumblr.

Expect lots of Teen Wolf and Avengers squee, bad jokes that stopped being funny 6 years ago and occasional multifannish things.

I also have an Avengers fic in the works.

I'm also planning a series of cracked out themed fanfiction recs lists based on obscure tropes whose names I made up.
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It would truly make my life if Sherlock's spoiler cut ) somehow involved Benedict Cumberbatch being ginger haired with ferocious mutton chops. Yes, ferocious.

Also, a hoodie. I don't know why, I just really want to see him in a hoodie. Possibly for the lols.

I was writing this meta-fic. My meta has now been Kripked by the show in rather spectacular fashion. But fear not. I now have NEW META to replace the now redundant old meta and possibly an actual plot for my story that will no doubt be seen by four people and never completed.

Don't get too excited. I'm not great with plot. It's less of a "fancy new storyline with twists" kind of plot and more of a "series of canon-adjacent deleted scenes that together create a romantic subplot" kind of plot—or as I like to refer to it: "...meanwhile, in Irene Adler's crotch...."

And oh, hey, I'm on dreamwidth now.
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My observations as a fannish lurker, pulled from various conversations and a few older lj posts. I figured I'd put them all in one place.

[describing Thor in Thor] He's like a Viking version of The Tick.


[describing BBC's Sherlock] This is the most epic love story I've seen since I first watched The Fast and the Furious.

[describing Hailee Steinfield in True Grit] Imagine Benton Fraser as a thirteen year old girl in the old west, with no Ray.

[describing The Proposal] It's every work of Devil Wears Prada fanfiction ever. Only het.

[describing the Twilight movies] This is what True Blood would be like if it actually took itself seriously.

[describing Russel Edgington in True Blood] He's the villain from Pixar's Up!, complete with army of sentient canines.

[describing Jim Ellison in The Sentinel] He's the gay man's John McClane, complete with receding hairline and spunky, curly haired wife.

I'm working on some multifandom fic rec posts, for my own amusement. My favorite "dialogue/monologue/textual communication under the influence of alcohol/drugs" fic. My favorite "secretly the town bicycle" fic (it's like "secretly a virgin" fic only, you know, the exact opposite of that). My favorite "endearingly hapless creepy stalker" fic. My favorite "surprise alien/magical vagina" fic (not to be confused with genderswap). My favorite "preposterous superpower" AU's. My favorite supermodel AU's. I'm sure I could think of more, but I do want to post this journal entry at some point.

Happy New Year's Eve, y'all.


Nov. 16th, 2011 09:02 pm
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So I think I passed Genevieve Padalecki in the street today. It was by the big Macy's in downtown San Francisco. I didn't get to confirm, just stood there blinking for a few seconds, then kept walking.

If it was her, then my god that woman is *tiny.*
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Life goes well!

I saw Electric Six in concert! And let me tell you all about the fire at that disco. Ended up taking a very, very pretty (and adorably geeky) Australian tourist to bed. Insert "down under" joke here. Oh, the pale blue green of his eyes. The delicate pink flush of his penis. Like making out with an oil painting. A warm, naked oil painting. And he gave me a massage. It was like it was my birthday or something.


Also, I bought myself a kick-ass halloween costume this year. I ended up using it for work. In fact, now that I think about it, I might actually be able to write it off my taxes. I do enjoy my job. I really, really do.

I've decided to henceforth stick to birthday resolutions and forget about New Year's resolutions. It turns out I actually end up accomplishing my birthday resolutions, and I'm really not up for achieving anything after I've just gone through the trauma of the holidays.

Still don't have a vidding machine. I need to get on that because I found the *perfect* song for an Avatar vid.

Saw The Dead with [ profile] kuwdora and her fan friend. It was kind of amazing. I highly recommend to any zombie lover. I then extracted from her a promise that we would get drunk and see In Time as soon as it came out in theaters. WATCH THE TRAILER YOU GUYZ. And then you will understand my insistence both that we see the movie in theaters and that we not be sober at the time.

It's possible I'll just have to make this a rule every time I see an Amanda Seyfried movie. I mean, it's the only way I made it through Red Riding Hood. Seriously, that movie had Gary Oldman *and* Michael Shanks DanielJackson. Who of course dies. Like DanielJackson does. At least, I think he dies. Did I mention I was drunk when I saw this movie?

I'm really not a lush, I swear.

Also, I may or may not be dating. Platonic dating with possible option for future romantic upgrade? She mentioned an ex boyfriend (straight?) and how she considered majoring in queer studies (bi?). Either way it means I'm hanging out with a smart gorgeous redhead so, go me.

Now I just need to figure out how to cut loose that guy I inadvertently tricked into thinking I was a nice girl. [ profile] permetaform, stop laughing.

It's an interesting change, actually having a sex life.

Also, I may have, uhm, inhaled all episodes of the new Hawaii Five-0. It reminds me of SGA, being that it is also a show made by fans of genre shows from the 70's with no small degree of irreverent fannish glee. Granted it's a completely different genre. Though bizarrely, since both shows feature characters in the military, I had the surreal experience of reading slash that brings up DADT for the first time since SGA.

Perhaps even more surreal was reading slash fic about the overturning of DADT for the first time since DADT was actually overturned in reality.

The world, she is a-changin'.

I need a new mood theme. Suggestions, anyone?


Aug. 18th, 2011 06:01 pm
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Dude. When I opened up LJ it asked me if I wanted to restore from saved draft. This was the saved draft: Read more... )

I am laughing so hard at myself right now.

Vividcon was awesome. I'd say I'm going to post a full con report, but I think we all know by now how terrible I am at finishing things.

There was lots of crying. For various reasons. Namely, Sandy, Sandy, that fucking dog vid, Sandy, the UP vid, Sandy.

I discovered [ profile] kuwdora has been living in my city THIS WHOLE TIME and I had NO IDEA.

Saw that X-Men movie. Read all the Alex/Armando fic I could find. Am annoyed that I did not find more. Back to reading Sherlock fic.

Speaking of, met lots of shiny Sherlock fen. Even found a beta. Still in need of a britpicker, tho.

My laptop did the bluescreen of death today. Apparently I no longer have permission to run explorer.exe (also known as, you know, the interface). I can still turn it on, but only in safe mode. I have no idea to work the command line, but I know ctrl+alt+Del, so I can open programs via the task manager, but I can't access the internet. Luckily I can also transfer files to a flash drive via the task manager, and I have a backup computer. Actually my backup computer is nicer than my laptop. But it's a desktop, so I can't use it to read fic in bed, hence I practically never turn it on.

Anyway, my laptop is still under warranty, so it's all good.

Note, this backup desktop is the 3 year old Mac my parents gave me when they upgraded to a newer model, not to be confused with my 8 year old Dell with the defunct sound card and monitor that only displays the color orange. I'll be vidding on it (the Mac) as soon as I can make it run Windows (because I'm not restarting my four nearly finished vid projects from scratch in FCP if I can help it).
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So I got caught up reading GoT comment threads on [ profile] ohnotheydidnt. I know, I know, why do I do this myself?

Anyway, I read some interesting fan viewpoints on the Daenerys/Drogo scenes in the first two episodes.

WARNING: Discussion of Non-Consensual Sex )

In conclusion, having watched two episodes, I don't think this show is particularly misogynist. It could perhaps be considered gratuitously graphic, but then, so was Germinal. I do think it's pretty racist, but that's a discussion for another day.
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BSG vid draft has been sent off to beta. I am so fail. I did two system restores before I finally figured out that the reason my computer was freaking out was because I was trying to vid with only 2.5 GB of free space. But hey! I still got the draft finished!


I'm watching Game of Thrones.

spoilers for first 2 episodes )

Apparently this fandom has a kickass food blog. Now I kind of want to have fannish viewing parties solely for the excuse it provides to eat "medieval quails drowned in butter" and drink mead.

Seriously, though. Who else on my f-list is watching this show?
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I'm making actual progress on the music writing front. YEY ME! Planning on putting out a 5 song demo by June 15.

In other news.

Have discovered new benefit to being tiny. Cheap underwearz. Gap girls' XXL panties fall about midway between women's S and women's XS, making them exactly my size. And they beat even the clearance prices of their adult counterparts. And occasionally they come in 7 packs with the days of the week on them—Sheldon Cooper would approve.

Most of my other cost saving measures are in the kitchen. This week: homemade nut milks. The concept is simple. Put nuts in a blender. Add water. Blend. Strain. For particularly hard nuts, soak overnight. Yesterday I tried this with some black sesame seeds I'd bought in bulk. The high oil content made for a very rich and creamy end product. Bonus—straining left behind a nice seed paste I can use to make tahini. I have a butt-load of uneaten peanuts, so I'm trying that next.

FYI: using raw chocolate powder instead of Dutch processed cocoa powder results in a more bitter end product. More sugar must be added to compensate. It took me two failed brownie batches to figure this out. Well, not failed, really. People still ate them.

Drive-by Movie Reviews:

Hanna—what it lacks in story and character development it makes up for in BADASS.

Your Highness—funnier than I expected. In that vulgar, moderately offensive teenaged boy way. Lots of naked boobies. Natalie Portman has fun with some truly creative revenge fantasy monologues.

Hop—mostly sucked. Do not recommend. And I'm usually pretty easy to please when it comes to kids movies. I mean, I even enjoyed The Toothfairy.


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