Apr. 11th, 2008


Apr. 11th, 2008 02:24 pm
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What's up with you guys? There are some new people, I think, reading my journal. ::waves @ new people::

I'm vidding again. SPN. Crack. Episodic. I won't spoil by saying more. I'm probably not sending this one to a convention. I have a beta. Yay! I think I want two betas, but I'm not sure yet who to ask to be #2. I hope to have it up and posted within 3 weeks, ideally.

I should contact the VVC people and ask where I am on the waitlist.

I have two projects in mind for VVC. They're both ... comedies? Sort of. I think they're funny. Other people might not, so much.

Oh right.


I got a new place. Moved in a couple weeks ago. It is a lovely studio inlaw apartment that is mine, all mine, mine, mine. I have no internet yet and no furniture aside from my bed. Because I'm ghetto like that. I should be getting internet as soon as I stop being lazy and make the proper arrangements. So, who knows when, really. I'm using the university computers for now. That seems to be working out, as it gives me extra motivation to actually go to the studio and get work done.

Oh right. So I'm an art student, for those of you who don't know, majoring in sculpture. Yes, I changed my major. Again. I was doing computer animation modeling and then took this required figure modeling course and realized I had a lot more fun modeling in the real world than on the computer. I also had, like, two sculpture instructors I didn't even have classes with come up and compliment me on my work. I took it as a sign. I decided to take another sculpture class before making any major decisions and then, uh, decided. And la! here I am.

I'll post pictures of some of my stuff later. Maybe. I make no promises as I am notoriously bad at keeping them. You should see my fanfic work in progress folder. Actually, you shouldn't. It would just make you cry.


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