Feb. 9th, 2007 01:30 pm
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I have cracked the mystery of nervous!girl. She is not a computer person. As in, she might actually be afraid if she touches one, she'll blow up New York like Peter Petrelli. Also, the instructor should use clearer phrasing, and not say title sequence to go at the front of your animated story when he means introductory logo to go at the front of your reel.

Next class we're to learn Maya. However, we've been strongly advised to learn Maya, before we come into class to learn Maya.


And I get to design a building. Joy.

I decided to take my art history class online. Because honestly. I am not getting up at six o'clock for the second day in a row when I don't get home till 11:00 the night before. I'll be taking care of the switch sometime next week. I would have done today, but I have other things.

Namely, vidding. Vidding all day long. Some eating. Maybe.


My desktop is back to cold hard gray. It was warm comforting brown for a while, but it's color tweak time on the vid, so no warm comforting brown for me.

Vid must be done by next Friday. Ghost Rider comes out next Friday. Guess how I'll be celebrating.

Supernatural has turned into one of those shows I can't watch with [ profile] fashes because we want...private time after watching it. Or perhaps during.

Sam should be 2.14 spoiler ) all the time. Jesus.

[ profile] fashes and I are vidding Supernatural for [ profile] vividcon, btw. By which I mean, I have conned her into doing my clipping for me. I've showed her VirtualDubMod. I have yet to show her MPEG Streamclip. She's an organizational h0r. I'm going to have the prettiest little clip library ever when she's done.

And [ profile] wistful_fever, you know you're beta'ing, right?

Right then. Back to work.
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I've used twenty three episodes for this vid in total. TWENTY THREEEEEEEEEEEEE. Please kill me if this show lasts ten seasons and I'm still trying to vid it.

This morning I was all excited because I finished every stage of clipping but the last. Only I conveniently forgot that the rendering takes hours and hours upon hours. I'm still rendering, btw, nine hours later.


My roommate is watching CSI in the next room. Apparently a woman was fed to piranas, and the piranas now have high cholesteral, the poor babies.

Virtualdub finally crashed. I was wondering when it was going to do that. I've restarted it now. SGA 2.15. Oh look, it's the Hamlet episode. Or is it Macbeth? No, Hamlet is the one with all the skanky people. I think.

I found a program that breaks up big .ts files into little bitty .ts files. This is very exciting for me. No, really. You only wish your life had this much excitement. You ONLY WISH.


Oh god, now they're watching Friends.


Jan. 11th, 2007 03:01 pm
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Weir Vid Status: hideously behind
I'm finishing clipping today. And finishing [ profile] toft_froggy's beta. FOR REAL, THIS TIME

I put five of my vids up on imeem.

I also finally re-uploaded my very first vid, which can be found in my memories with the rest of my vids. The file for my Nightmare Before Christmas vid got corrupted, and I don't know where I saved my backup copy. If anyone happens to have downloaded this vid back when I first posted it and still has it in their possession, please contact me. lierdumoa @ gmail dot com

Oh, and hey! I totally won something!

[ profile] newkidfan's (see here) and mine (see here)


Jan. 9th, 2007 08:45 pm
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Today I finally moved all my vids to my new website, which at this point is little more than webspace. Right now I'm uploading some vids to imeem.

Other plans for before I go to bed:
- finish clipping
- finish beta'ing [ profile] toft_froggy's vid
- panic in the general direction of After Effects

In other news, the Indian guy? Who thought netspeak and referring to me in the diminutive was sexxi? TOTALLY STALKING ME.

Called me fourteen times, ten of which were after I told him to stop calling me.

Okay, to provide context, I was an avoidant h0r and never RSVP'd on that date I almost went on. So he calls me three times Saturday night, which I didn't realize until after the fact. My phone was kind of drowned out by Resident Evil playing in the background w/ dvd commentary.

Which, btw, AWESOME COMMENTARY, and thanks to [ profile] fembuck for the recc. Mila Jovovich is such a goddamn rock star. She does up her hair all crazy and runs around flashing the camera and BEATING PEOPLE. IN ALL HER MOVIES. THE WOMAN IS, LIKE, INCAPABLE OF PULLING PUNCHES. For real. If you see her punching someone in a movie. Chances are she did, in fact, actually punch them.

But back to my stalker.

So Sunday night he calls me for the fourth time. I answer the phone. That date I never RSVP'd on? Apparently he showed up anyway, despite my not having responded to his e-mail. And waited for two hours. So I'm like. Oh. That sucks. I'm sorry for making you wait. I should have told you I wasn't going to make it. But well, I'm not really interested in meeting you.

him: Can I see you some other time?
[ profile] lierdumoa No, I'm sorry, I'm not interested.
him: But we blah blah restaurant blah blah hang out.
[ profile] lierdumoa I'm sorry. I don't know what to tell you. I'm not interested.
him: No, please, I would just like to talk with you. Why the sudden change of heart. (I'm approximating here, since his English is not all that great)
[ profile] lierdumoa I just don't want to see you. (is this conversation still seriously going on?)
him: I don't understand. (okay, now you're just abusing the language barrier to pretend you don't know what the fuck I'm saying)
him: No, please, tell me what is wrong. If there's something that is bothering you.
[ profile] lierdumoa I'm fine. I just don't want to date you
him: No, no! Not date! I just want to be friends.
[ profile] lierdumoa :|
[ profile] lierdumoa I don't want to be friends with you either.
him: No, please, why are you not interested.
[ profile] lierdumoa I don't actually owe you an explanation.
him: If there's a problem, please tell me. If something's going on with you—
[ profile] lierdumoa I'm going to go now. ::hangs up::

::phone rings ominously::

[ profile] lierdumoa Okay, I'm going to say this again. ::deep breath::
[ profile] lierdumoa I'm sorry for not telling you that I had changed my mind. I honestly didn't think you'd show up since I didn't RSVB.
him: No, no, it's fine—
[ profile] lierdumoa But I'm not interested in you. I'm going to hang up the phone now. I'd appreciate it if you'd stop calling me.

At which point I started calling up friends to share this surprising new turn in my imaginary sex life.

[ profile] spaggel: Hello?
[ profile] lierdumoa Dude, I have a stalker.
[ profile] lierdumoa You remember the Indian guy I talked about on my journal. He won't stop calling me.
::phone beeps::
[ profile] lierdumoa He's calling me right now.
[ profile] spaggel: I have a stalker at work.
[ profile] spaggel: This guy names Johnny.
[ profile] lierdumoa I'm sorry.
[ profile] spaggel: My boss was like, "Someone has a crush on you!"
[ profile] spaggel: I was like, "Johnny?"
[ profile] spaggel: She was all "How did you guess?"
::phone beeps AGAIN::
[ profile] lierdumoa Make him stop calling me Syd. MAKE HIM STOP CALLING ME.
[ profile] spaggel: You want me to beat him up for you? I'll beat him up for you. No one touches my woman.
[ profile] lierdumoa So, you were telling me about Johnny.
[ profile] spaggel: And he has this creepy obsession with Calvin Klein shoes. (she works in the shoe department) He'll just, like, caress the shoes in front of me, it's so creepy.
[ profile] lierdumoa Dude, that is creepy.
[ profile] spaggel: I know, seriously! I was like "having fun caressing those shoes, Johnny?"
[ profile] spaggel: And he was all, "What would you do if I caressed you?"
[ profile] spaggel: And I told him, "I would PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE."
[ profile] lierdumoa ::BUSTS UP LAUGHING::
[ profile] spaggel: I was all, "And you'd go down to, because, you know, you're top heavy."
[ profile] lierdumoa And he's still after you?
[ profile] spaggel: YES.
[ profile] lierdumoa Maybe he's an idiot and he thought you were kidding.
[ profile] spaggel: I WASN'T KIDDING!
[ profile] lierdumoa I know you weren't. I'm not an idiot.

[ profile] lierdumoa You know the Indian guy? He's kind of stalking me now. He won't stop calling.
[ profile] fashes: Can I threaten him for you?
[ profile] lierdumoa I can handle it.
[ profile] fashes: I know you can. I just want to.
::phone rings::
[ profile] fashes: Is that him again.
[ profile] lierdumoa Yes. YES IT IS. FUCKING STALKER.

otherroommate: So the restaurant is where?
[ profile] fashes: Three blocks down the street, ottherroommate.
otherrommate: I just don't want us to miss each other, you know. I don't want to get lost and then miss him because I end up twenty minutes late, you know.
[ profile] lierdumoa: (mutters under breath) Maybe you won't miss him. Maybe he'll wait for two hours because he's a crazy stalker.
[ profile] fashes: ::guffaws::
otherrommate: You guys are making fun of me aren't you.
[ profile] fashes: No otherrommate, we think it's adorable, you getting all worried about your date.
otherroomate: ::looks skeptical::

[ profile] lierdumoa I'm making food.
[ profile] spaggel: I'm eating delicious chicken salad with—
[ profile] lierdumoa Stop talking about food while I'm hungry.
[ profile] spaggel: —little pieces of nuts and romaine lettuce and—
[ profile] lierdumoa I hate you.
[ profile] spaggel: Yeah, well, this is what you get for hating me.
[ profile] lierdumoa Dude, he called like two more times while you weren't here.
[ profile] spaggel: Give me his number.
[ profile] lierdumoa No, [ profile] fashes has dibs.
[ profile] spaggel: Yeah, but I've known you longer. I've got dibs on you.
[ profile] lierdumoa You might have a point. I mean, if I give her his number she can threaten him, but if I gave you his number, you could totally tell him, "Stop calling my girlfriend or I will hunt you down."
[ profile] spaggel: Is he still calling?
[ profile] lierdumoa No, I think he stopped for the night.
[ profile] spaggel: Time for stalkers to go beddie-bye?
[ profile] lierdumoa I guess so.

He called me three more times yesterday night. He hasn't called tonight. It's possible he finally caught a clue.
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I've spent the past day or so taking a mental wrecking ball to my Weir vid. I have to completely rework about 1/2 of the first verse, 1/3 of the second, 2/3 of the third, 3/4 of the fourth. On the bright side, the instrumentals will pretty much all remain intact, with maybe 1/5-1/4 changed in them overall.

Then there's the color tweaking, which I'm doing in After Effects (and possibly partly in photoshop, since [ profile] fashes showed me how to automate commands over a series of images). My beta's don't know it yet, but it's basically like I showed them Girl Anachronism without the fuscia or the black and white.

[ profile] wistful_fever, if you're around, I'd love for you to take a look at it.

I really hope I can finish this in the time alloted. I'm planning to get out a second rough draft by the 20th (this time in nice 960x540, full colored glory).


Back to clipping, then.


Dec. 21st, 2006 11:10 pm
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The rough draft of the Weir vid is complete. Copies have been sent off to beta's.



Dec. 15th, 2006 10:16 pm
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I cancelled on the date.

He e-mailed me and spelled "you" with a "u" about four times in a single paragraph. This is a visceral squick for me. I didn't realize how much until I literally involuntarily flinched away from my computer screen.

I mean, if I'd actually been physically attracted to him as opposed to simply finding him ojectively somewhat good looking I probably would have forgiven this, as English is not his first language, and certainly not his best but, well, not worth the effort.

I need to meet more people.

All final projects are due next week. I'm really looking forward to not having to carry around my portfolio bag anymore. I mean, you know the thing is heavy when you end up spending the night lying on your flatmate's heating pad like an old, old woman.

The bright side is that my Anatomy teacher thinks I am awesome. He called me a "very good artist" like, twice. We were doing portfolio review to see how we had improved over the course of the semester. Then he asked what I thought I should work on. For other people he had suggestions. For me he was just like "so...what do you want to do now?" And then he asked what my major was and I could *hear* the disappointment in his voice when I told him computer animation. I was adorable.

Apparently he thinks we stop drawing when we get into advanced computer modeling stuff. Those wacky fine arts people.

In the world of the fannish, apparently 30 seconds of empty timeline is translating to 30 hours of vidding.

Suffice it to say, the motherfucking Weir vid is still not done. I'm trying to knock the rest out tonight. On the bright side, I finally figured out where to fit more Ronon in.

And hey, while I'm here, some SGA trivia I picked up on:

Incoming wormholes dial clockwise and outgoing, counter clockwise. The chevrons and symbols also light up differently in either circumstance.

Atlantis interiors are red, rust brown and beige, except in and around the gateroom where there's a lot of gray metal, green and aquamarine walls. Most of the lighting is blueish or greenish. The floor of the gateroom often looks purplish due the blue of the wormhole. Elizabeth's office has both aquamarine walls and wall highlights. The beige walls in the main conference room often look green or greenish blue due to the light coming from both the walls and the table. Gateroom consoles have white and orange internal lighting. Lighting in personal quarters is generally yellow from what I can tell, not that we get to see it very often. External lighting is yellow as well, making the gray of the city look gold in exterior night shots, though of course, that's all CG. Thanks to [ profile] z_rayne for correcting some of my observations.

There are about 7 shots of the city that are repeatedly used as establishing shots throughout season 1, an additional three I believe, added in season 2, two of which are nighttime shots, one from season 1, one new to season 2. On the other hand there are a great deal of city shots both during the day and at night that have plot relevance specific to certain episodes.

The music used in the zooming city shots during "The Siege II" (III? I can't remember which) sounds suspiciously similar to one of the instrumental themes in The Matrix movies.


Dec. 11th, 2006 03:29 pm
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I'm almost done with the rough draft of Weir vid. *almost* SO CLOSE OMG.

I think I can knock the rest of it out tonight (by which I mean, before 6:00AM tomorrow morning, at which point I have to go to sleep in order to get my requisite six hours before my anatomy class.

Then I'm swamped with work till the 23rd, then vacationing w/ the family. I've asked my vid beta's to get back to me by Jan. 5, which gives me 5 days to play before I have to finish Weir vid.

What to do, what to do.

Tentative ideas include:

Dexter vid
Fight Club vid
Fat Lee Adama vid
The Craft vid

I'm leaning towards the Dexter idea, I have to say.

Anyway, I'm off to an anatomy workshop. Catch y'all on the flip side.
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There's so much walking in this vid. I hate vidding walking. It's such a bitch to cut to the beat. You want to time it so the footfalls match the beat because that looks more natural, but then half the time you can't *see* the feet, only the shoulders and the body bobbing, and then you just have to move it around till it looks right, and that's *after* you fuck with the clip speed and grah!

There's something vaguely ominous and self-jinxing about having written out in your vid notes: "verse 3: everything goes to shit." This will certainly make for an interesting making-of.

Bright side? I have not broken Adobe Premiere in a *while.*

I clipped two awesome shots from Before I Sleep that I can't use. Pretty, pretty external motion. Boo.

To vid or not to vid disappearing!John? Disappearing!city? I think at this point nuclear explosions would be out of the question. There's always jacked up on enzyme!Rodney. Mayhap I can sneak more Ronon in. That would make [ profile] fashes happy.

Can you keyframe a radial gradient in After Effects? What about a radial gradient in an alpha channel? Tell me I don't have to abuse Photoshop for this.

If anyone were to want to engage me in some vidding related conversation, to ease my loneliness, I'm lierdumoa @ AIM, Y!M, MSN, google messenger and LJ talk, all at the same time, God bless Trillian Pro.

Oh, btw, [ profile] jackiekjono, [ profile] fashes said she had problems running virtualdubmod on her new Mac w/ Windows. Apparently the program that runs Windows on the Mac is a RAM hog. I'll try working w/ her later to find out really how viable avisynthing on the new Mac is.


Nov. 28th, 2006 10:31 pm
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So I spent, like, hours the other week downloading and discarding software programs and updating codecs, etc. to figure out how to work with matroska files in avisynth. And yay! I succeeded.

Only today, I get hold of another matroska file, used the exact same avs script I used for the other matroska file (replacing the filepath/filename, of course), and it tells me it doesn't recognize the file type. Two different players gave me the exact same encoding info for both files. Avisynth can read one and not the other.


It's getting to be that time of year where it's cold enough in my room that it kind of hurts to type.


So, okay, update:

Weir vid -- I'd say three more good days of work and the rough draft will be finished. No idea when I'm fitting those three days in. Hopefully one of them will be tomorrow. Whatever happens, this vid will be done in time for the [ profile] escapadecon vid submission deadline.

In terms of fic, I've finally worked out the kinks in my SGA/Harry Potter crossover. John/Rodney. EPIC. I'm pretending I'm actually going to finish this one, unlike the other 100+kb (plain text) of unposted WIP's sitting on my harddrive. Shut up, it could happen.

I'm working on a flashfic for SGA based on an idea [ profile] permetaform gave me. That I hopefully will finish and post this weekend. Rodney/Ronon. Knifeplay.

Maybe this Christmas I'll actually try to write that SGA Christmas crackfic I thought up last year. You know, where Caldwell is Santa and Weir is Mme. Claus with a deep red ermine coat and a riding crop and John and Rodney are elves (with nimble, nimble fingers), and Ronon and Teyla are travelling Inuits and they have to protect Atlantis The North Pole from the wraith grinch infestation.

Or that other Christmas not-really-crack fic where Rodney builds John a toy DeLorean.

Or maybe I should just write that one Weir/Ronon where Weir gets mindraped by a hivequeen.

Tho realistically, I probably won't have time to do anything but finish my vid. But my vid will be AWESOME, GODDAMNIT. It had better be. I spent, like, three quarters of a year on it.

If it ends up sucking? I'm blaming my beta's, throwing at tantrum and leaving fandom.

Or, you know, option 2. Vidding Fat Lee Adama to Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" as therapy.

Yes ... therapy....


Aug. 30th, 2006 08:35 pm
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Woke up at, like, 8 this morning (this never happens) from bizarre zombie nightmare. There was this guy, and he was immune to the zombies. And I was him? In the dream? So they couldn't pass their zombieness onto him, but he had to fake it anyway so they wouldn't kill him. Mild cannibalism. And then he was in this house with these two kids after the zombies moved on, thinking they'd gotten to everyone, and there was this little girl who was also immune and her little brother. Except the guy went crazy, so he thought she was going to become one of them, or maybe she really was going to become one of them. Anway, he/I was, like, attacking her and then there was a scene change and I was in walking down streets and then the sun was setting and the zombies started coming out and there was nowhere to run and I woke up.

Later I went on a small shopping trip. Bought new hair product to try (w00t!), two Stephen King novels, and dinner. Sashimi. It was awesome. Really good little sushi place. Too bad about the *horrible pop music* they play too loudly all the time.

I managed to figure out five verses I could cut out of the LKBV song I mentioned two posts ago. I'll have to move one of the instrumentals back a verse. Even with cutting out verses and shortening the instrumentals, It's still going to be over 6 minutes.


Think I'll go poke at my Weir vid some more.


Aug. 29th, 2006 11:48 pm
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The Plan:

Weir vid
- fill timeline by the time classes start (next Thurs.)
- send off to beta's
- ignore for a month while I work on SPN vid

SPN vid (I'm trying for once to be secretive, but I will say it's gen and it's a comedy)
- start as soon as DVD's come out
- finish by [ profile] bascon deadline (early October???)

Thus far I've managed to fix most of the problems plaguing the second verse of the Weir vid. I edited out another ten seconds of audio at the end, but it sounds a little weird. I'll smooth that out sometime when I'm not so sick to death of listening to the song I want to kill somebody.

Since finishing the Weir vid requires After Effects, which therefore requires that I *learn* After Effects, and classes are probably going to eat my life, I've decided I'm going to have it premiere at [ profile] escapadecon (in February). Uh, yeah. Hope y'all weren't holding your breath.
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[ profile] lierdumoa: I have a horrible LKBV idea
[ profile] lierdumoa: you know the poem The Highwayman?
[ profile] ficbyzee: oooh, yeah?
[ profile] lierdumoa: I have a song version
[ profile] lierdumoa: Loreena McKennit
[ profile] ficbyzee: yeah, I have that, too
[ profile] lierdumoa: like, 80's irish ballad
[ profile] ficbyzee: hee, yep
[ profile] lierdumoa: vidded to John/Rodney during Lost Boys and The Hive
[ profile] ficbyzee: hee!
[ profile] lierdumoa: I'm like -- this would totally have been the perfect vid for the harlequin challenge
[ profile] ficbyzee: oh yeah
[ profile] lierdumoa: also, you have to picture it, like
[ profile] lierdumoa: in sepia tones
[ profile] ficbyzee: of course
[ profile] lierdumoa: I have a Rodney vid idea that's about Rodney's thoughts before he injected himself with Wraith enzyme in The Hive
[ profile] lierdumoa: this would totally be, like, the crack remix
[ profile] ficbyzee: hee!
[ profile] lierdumoa: he just keeps thinking of John, his highwayman
[ profile] lierdumoa: riding...
[ profile] lierdumoa: riding...
[ profile] lierdumoa: riding to his death
[ profile] ficbyzee: ahahaha.
[ profile] lierdumoa: it *vids itself*
[ profile] lierdumoa: I'll edit it down, of course, I'm sure
[ profile] ficbyzee: oh yeah.
[ profile] ficbyzee: ......although ten minutes of LKBV would be kind of awesome, in its own special way.
[ profile] lierdumoa: though must try to leave in every time she sings tlot-tlot
[ profile] ficbyzee: OH YES.
[ profile] lierdumoa: the tlotting is KEY
[ profile] ficbyzee: I am, once again, in complete agreement. :D
[ profile] lierdumoa: "They had tied her up to attention, with many a sniggering jest"
[ profile] lierdumoa: you know I'm picturing Ford's two fratboys closing in on Rodney like they're about to gangbang him
[ profile] ficbyzee: bwee
[ profile] lierdumoa: dude
[ profile] lierdumoa: *dude*
[ profile] lierdumoa: I just figured out what "braiding a long red love knot into her long black hair" is
[ profile] lierdumoa: it's Rodney building the nuclear bomb
[ profile] lierdumoa: into John's hair
[ profile] ficbyzee: ahahahaaaaa, AWESOME.
[ profile] lierdumoa: okay, that half works

Times like this I love the internets. I totally have shots of Rodney's lip quivering (literally. quivering.) when he thinks John is dead in The Hive in high definition.

I'm kind of at a loss, though, as to how I'm going to show Rodney loosing his hair i' the casement.
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I understand now.

I couldn't finish my SGA vid for VVC.

I needed 3x01"No Man's Land" for the vid to be complete.

I didn't know I needed it, but I really, really needed it. Like, really a lot.

And I may also need 3x02. Depending.

In any case I will at least bring it to vividcon to show to anyone who wants to see it.

I really fucking love my show.


Jul. 7th, 2006 07:54 pm
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So I was *going* to make a vid for the VVC challenge show, but unfortunatley didn't get to finish anything in time. Hopefully I'll be finishing/posting that in a week or so. I'm going to try to post superlarge versions for download on Maybe a 1280x720 version depending on how the video quality turns out for that. At least a 960x540 version, in addition to the regular 640x360 that will be hosted on my own wesbite. And maybe a dial-up friendly version. Not sure yet. Depends on how good the dial-up friendly version ends up looking.

This summer is going to be SO AWESOME. [ profile] vividcon!!! Rooming w/ [ profile] fashes, [ profile] permetaform, [ profile] seperis and [ profile] svmadelyn!!! [ profile] fashes and I are buying our plane tickets for Chicago tonight. Then as soon as the convention is over I'm flying straight to Virginia to visit with my sister for a week. I haven't seen her in over a year, since her graduation, and even then it was only like two days. Before that, last I saw her was the Christmas of 2004. She's covering my return fare, so I can actually afford this. Summer classes end the 9th and the fall semester doesn't start back till September, so I'm not missing anything important. WHEEEEEEE! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

And since I haven't done this in a while: Vidlist

Unfinished Vids

"How Soon Is Now" (the Charmed themesong, not the original) to Gattaca
-this is like a year and a half old
"Crazy Love" by Paul Simon to Almost Famous
- so is this
"Out of My Hands" by Dave Matthews Band to Stargate Atlantis
- Rodney's thoughts as he shoots up w/ wraith enzyme (this is only about five months old)

Upcoming vid Ideas

Crack Vids
current project, coming soon!
sooper sekrit co-vid with [ profile] permetaform that may not ever actually get made
"Technologic" by Daft Punk (also w/ [ profile] permetaform)
- wheren we try to vid almost every sci-fi fandom ever at the same time
"Wet My Bed" by Stargate: Atlantis
- wherein I attempt to vid [ profile] justabi's fic Something About Mary
"Six Days The Remix" by DJ Shadow feat. Mos Def to Lord of the Rings

Random Other
"Violet" by Hole to The Craft
- you should learn when to go/you should learn how to say no
"Sinnerman" by Nina Simone to Firefly/Serenity
- Malcolm Reynolds, beginning to end
"Muthafucka" by Xzibit to Fastlane
"Brand New Colony" by The Postal Service to One Piece (anime)

"Everlong" by Foo Fighters to T2 (John Connor/Terminator)
- theirloveissotragic
"Gold Lion" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Narnia
- self-explanatory
"Land Down Under" by Men At Work to Stargate: Atlantis
- I met a man from Brussles/He was six foot four and full of muscle/I said do you speak-a my language?/He just smiled and gave me a veggemite sandwich RONON/RODNEY OTP4EVS
"Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid OST to Stargate: Atlantis
- [Rodney's] got gadgets and gizmos a plenty, he's got whosits and whatsits galore...
"Doll Parts" by Hole to Nightmare Before Christmas
- Sally wants to be the girl with the most cake. Okay not really. Whatever.


Jun. 26th, 2006 05:08 pm
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My vid. It''s...


It's just really, really *fucking* boring.

What is it *doing*?!?

It's like I vidded a sitcom.

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New vidding forum: Reverie

Also, I realized something about myself. I went to visit [ profile] morgandawn w/ [ profile] permetaform the other week and we were talking about writing and vidding and [ profile] morgandawn asked whether I considered myself more a writer or a vidder and I said both equally. Both [ profile] morgandawn and [ profile] permetaform have written fanfiction. [ profile] morgandawn was talking about how she and [ profile] permetaform both write as vidders, and their writing is very visual.

When I write, I am a total dialogue whore.

But what I didn't realize at the time, and what I couldn't explain to them, was that when I am writing, with no visuals, pouring my whole self into the dialogue, this is not separate from the way I vid. It's not that I have this vidding side of my brain that's visual and this writing side of my brain that's dialogue centric. See dialogue, to me, is audio. It's music. I hear it in my head. The audio, for me, dictates the visuals. I can't read bad dialogue because the voice in my head sounds wrong, and then I can't match it with the person I'm supposed to be visualizing. I need the dialogue in order to recognize the characters. Without it the characters are flat and empty to me.

When I sing along with music, I don't just follow the tune like most people I know. I'll imitate the singer's intonation. I'll make my voice crack when the singer's voice cracks. I'll basically do everything I can to make my mouth, throat and vocal chords, even the way I inhale imitate the singer as closely as possible, and I'll do it automatically. If I'm to sing in my own singing style while singing along to the music, I must make a conscious decision to do so. And in the past occasionally I've found that I've memorized the lyrics to a song without even realizing what the words were because I memorized them phonetically.

[ profile] permetaform loves soaring visuals. That is what she finds most moving when she is watching a vid. Continuous, sweeping motion. She puts much more care into working these sorts of visuals into her vids than I do. I rarely pick visuals for the visual's sake. I pick them for the music. I never thought about color until the eighth vid I made. I thought of visuals more in terms of what they could communicate intellectually and how they complemented the music than what they actually looked like on their own, without music behind them. Now I do take that more into consideration, and I definitely think it has improved my vids, but it's still third down on the list.

The second vid I ever made was my Oz vid to "Pretty When You Cry" by Vast. Or, more accurately, it was my "Pretty When You Cry" vid to Oz. I wasn't in the fandom. I didn't read the fic. Worse, I didn't watch the show. I managed to pick out the scenes I wanted by reading episode transcripts to figure where the money shots were. Most vidders I know would never even consider making a vid without knowing what their source footage looked like. But then, for most vidders, the visuals are the point of the vid.

For me, from the very beginning, the music was the point, and the visuals were merely a tool to clarify that point. A very rich and versatile tool, but a tool nevertheless.

I used to play piano, from ages five to seventeen. I never learned how to read sheet music properly. I used to compose pieces, though. I miss playing and composing and I think in a way I've sublimated that into both writing and vidding. Writing dialogue is like writing down notes. Vidding is like harmonizing with an existing piece, or remixing it. Both writing and vidding allow me to communicate my thoughts more clearly and fully than composing piano pieces ever did. It's easier for me when I have more than one medium with which to communicate an idea. In a sense, vidding is easier for me than writing, because with writing one of the two mediums exists only in my head, and I'm trying to force one to compensate for the fact that the other is silent. Of course, that's when I have to step back and assure myself I don't really need all those italics, that if the writing is good enough the reader will hear the emphasis without irritating visual aids.

Uh...insert conclusion here.

In other news, I am a lazy ass, but I swear [ profile] ficbyzee. Tomorrow morning first thing I will work on you beta. Then, once I e-mail that, if your online we can do the aspect ratio tutorial thing. This afternoon, rather, since it already is tomorrow morning and holy Jebus I can't believe I'm going to bed at 5:30am.
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[ profile] morgandawn insisted I post this.

1. I have my song! I have my source! Let's GO!!!
2. Okay, the song is totally wrong for what I want. Damnit.
3. Found a new song that works, SCORE! Must make all of my friends and everyone who shows up on instant messenger listen to it.
4. Gaaaaaaddamnit, haveta clip.
5. Hey, X-Men III. I had a vid idea for that, but the third movie hadn't come out yet and now maybe I—FOCUS.
6. Rendering, rendering, maybe I can work on fic.
7. Hey! I totally finished scene 1. That's a quarter of the story, I ROCK!
8. Rendering, rendering, I must show my scene to people so they will tell me I'm pretty. [ profile] seperis will tell me I'm pretty.
9. Rendering, oh hey, [ profile] wistful_fever is online! She's never online! I will inundate her with every work in progress I have and she will tell me I'm pretty.
10. Yaaaaaaaaay! I'm prettyyyyyy! I am so adopting [ profile] wistful_fever. I don't care that she's a year older than me. She's mine now.
11. Rendering, rendering, oooh! Could catch up on Prison Break.
12. I had a vid idea for this a while back. In fact there was this whole plan for a trinity of prison vids. I was going to remaster the Oz vid and make my Shawshank Redemption vid and this. Maybe I could—FOCUS.
13. Oh look. I broke avisynth.
14. Premiere isn't taking the avisynth scripts. Whyyyy???
15. ::fiddles with avisynth GUI, hard reboots::
16. ::pokes at Premiere, looks through program preferences::
17. ::debates buying RAM on express order::
18. Opens up Task Manager. Oh look. Premiere's using 1.2 of my 1.5GB of ram and most of my virtual memory. Whilst sitting idly with two of my scripts. I'm...not getting any more scripts imported.
19. OMGDUH. I will just vid it at low quality and remaster when done. Man, I am such a TARD.
20. Okay, My scripts are a mess. How am I supposed to keep track of all these clips? How the fuck did I even make nearly 200 clips?
21. Hey, I'll call [ profile] morgandawn. She's always fun to talk to. [ profile] z_rayne's instant messaging me! [ profile] absolut3destiny's instant messaging me! Shiny happy people! Crap, I so can't hold three conversations at once.
22. One in the afternoon. Hope it doesn't get too hot today. ::reorganizes avisynth scripts::
23. Hey! It's cooling off. Isn't it early to start cooling off? ::adds in colorspace commands::
24. Oh. Oh Jesus, it's 7:14PM. Not too early to be cooling off after all. No wonder I'm hungry, I haven't eaten in twenty hours.
25. VirtualDub crashed. Huh. I'll close a few programs and start the render again.
26. It crashed again. I'll restart.
27. It crashed again. Does it hate this codec? But premiere loves this codec. Why is VD hating?
28. Okay, VD is so what I am calling it now. VD works on so many levels. It is no longer VirtualDub, it is VENEREAL DISEASE. STOP CRASHING GODDAMNYOU.
29. Hard reboot.
30. Oh, you did not just crash again.
31. New codec. Oh hey! You like this one! Fantazzzzztic.
32. [ profile] fashes's watching Rescue Me. Cool theme song. Wonder what I could vid it to—FOCUS.
33. Man, why can't everyone's vacations coincide with mine? I shouldn't be the only one haunting instant messenger like a crazy vidding loser.
34. Rendering, rendering, I should go write porn. I haven't written porn in forever. I'm good at writing porn.
35. Siren!Rodney porn or cave porn? Siren!Rodney porn. Cave porn? No, siren!Rodney porn. Which is hotter? Siren!Rodney porn is probably hotter. But I have less work to do on the cave Porn fic, so I should just try to finish that.
36. Rendering, rendering, man, this song seriously needs to be vidded. What fandom? What fandom?
37. Rendering, rendering...okay, VD. Sometime in the next century.
38. Crap, Premiere hates this codec.
39. Okay, new codec! And Premiere likes this one! And the VD render is going really fast! COOOOOL.
40. The...with can't...but I just...It. It crashed again. It crashed again. It crashed again.
41. Maybe I'll start watching Rescue Me.

To be continued, I suppose.


Jun. 4th, 2006 02:59 pm
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Vid problem solved!

And here is where I stop speaking English.

So the thing is, avisynth couldn't read the files properly. But it could read them. It just got confused if you tried to put more than one of the clips in an avisynth script, thinking for some bizarre reason that they were in different file formats. All files must be of the same format in an avisynth script.

However it could read if only one file was put in the script. So I made all the clips into one giant clip. Yay Virtualdub! And I didn't have to re-render anything so no quality loss. SCORE.

Though as it turns out, the point is moot because I can't vid directly with all of my clips. Premiere can only take about half an hour worth of the high res clips (about 1/5 of the total clips needed) before it crashes. But that is OKAY. I am NOT STRESSED. I mean, it would be one thing if it couldn't take the high res clips at all, but a half hour's worth? This I can totally work with. I will just make the vid at low quality and then substitute in only the high res clips I need to make the vid once all the editing is done, which only adds on, like, a day, maybe two of extra work, which is totally doable.

And it doesn't even mess with my previous plans, because see, I only needed the high res for the MASSIVE and EXTREMELY DESTRUCTIVE matting/color tweaking/compositing I was going to have to do in After Effects. And I wasn't going to do that until I had finished all the editing anyway.

I'm behind schedule on the clipping, since it's going to take yet another day to make low res versions of all my clips. But, not so much that I can't make up for it.

::happy place, goddamnit::

I have officially gotten over the first large hurdle in this vid. WINZ.


Jun. 3rd, 2006 06:25 pm
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Today is not going well.

I tried a thing, to make it so I could clip faster. I rendered one giant XVID avi of an episode and then imported the XVID into virtualdub and made all the clips from with the direct stream copy function. Before I was importing the unrendered episode and then individually rendering each clip. Only something about using direct stream copy made it so the avisynth script couldn't recognize the file format.

I can't put any of these clips in an avisynth script. Ergo premiere can't read them. I have to re-render, the slow way, the 27 clips I made from this episode.

I want to kill somebody.

I...will fix this later. I'm taking three hours to veg out and watch prison break.


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