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Also known as perspective homework.

One point perspective, 11"x14", inked, due tomorrow at noon. I'm working on a dinner scene for [ profile] maldoror_gw's Like Steel for Chocolate (fandom: One Piece, pairing: Sanji/Roronoa Zoro). My goal is to see if I can make every single one of my perspective assignments fanart, without making them obviously look like fanart. For this one I'm going to try to keep faces indistinct and see if I can pull off realism, rather than go with manga style. This piece will probably just end up bizarre, what with Luffy's shorts and flip flops and Sanji standing off to the side in his three piece suit, and Nico Robin lending hands as napkin holders.

Okay, talk about the most porntastic superpower ever. Nico Robin can totally make body appendages appear out of thin air. Has been know to incapacitate armies (in canon!). I want Sanji and Zoro with surprise thumbs up there butts. And where the hell is my orgyfic where she's playing the entire crew like a violin string quartet? (all the while lounging in a deck chair, sipping a mai tai) Come on, internets. DELIVER.

I'll try to get this piece up for internet viewing, oh, sometime in the next two weeks.

I'm also working on a couple pieces for [ profile] mistful's Drop Dead Gorgeous (fandom: Harry Potter, pairing: Harry/Draco).

Right then. Back to work.
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Some color tweaked caps from the trailer for 300. Feel free to take/alter. I'm debating whether I want to turn one of them into a new lj banner for myself.

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SGA Fanart!

Oct. 3rd, 2005 05:25 pm
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My brain does not seem to want to get into vidding mode today. So. I'm switching around my posting schedule for this week. Fanart first. Then vids. This is the first time I've drawn fanart since my art class. I can draw clothes now! Sort of. Okay, so John's t-shirt looks wet, but it's not like that's a *bad* thing.

Scene taken from [ profile] rageprufrock's brilliant WIP, Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room (see pt. 1|2|3). John, the very bad no good horrible stripper of a bartender.

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