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2011-11-16 09:02 pm
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So I think I passed Genevieve Padalecki in the street today. It was by the big Macy's in downtown San Francisco. I didn't get to confirm, just stood there blinking for a few seconds, then kept walking.

If it was her, then my god that woman is *tiny.*
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2011-10-15 12:49 am
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You have no idea how ironic my icon is

Life goes well!

I saw Electric Six in concert! And let me tell you all about the fire at that disco. Ended up taking a very, very pretty (and adorably geeky) Australian tourist to bed. Insert "down under" joke here. Oh, the pale blue green of his eyes. The delicate pink flush of his penis. Like making out with an oil painting. A warm, naked oil painting. And he gave me a massage. It was like it was my birthday or something.


Also, I bought myself a kick-ass halloween costume this year. I ended up using it for work. In fact, now that I think about it, I might actually be able to write it off my taxes. I do enjoy my job. I really, really do.

I've decided to henceforth stick to birthday resolutions and forget about New Year's resolutions. It turns out I actually end up accomplishing my birthday resolutions, and I'm really not up for achieving anything after I've just gone through the trauma of the holidays.

Still don't have a vidding machine. I need to get on that because I found the *perfect* song for an Avatar vid.

Saw The Dead with [ profile] kuwdora and her fan friend. It was kind of amazing. I highly recommend to any zombie lover. I then extracted from her a promise that we would get drunk and see In Time as soon as it came out in theaters. WATCH THE TRAILER YOU GUYZ. And then you will understand my insistence both that we see the movie in theaters and that we not be sober at the time.

It's possible I'll just have to make this a rule every time I see an Amanda Seyfried movie. I mean, it's the only way I made it through Red Riding Hood. Seriously, that movie had Gary Oldman *and* Michael Shanks DanielJackson. Who of course dies. Like DanielJackson does. At least, I think he dies. Did I mention I was drunk when I saw this movie?

I'm really not a lush, I swear.

Also, I may or may not be dating. Platonic dating with possible option for future romantic upgrade? She mentioned an ex boyfriend (straight?) and how she considered majoring in queer studies (bi?). Either way it means I'm hanging out with a smart gorgeous redhead so, go me.

Now I just need to figure out how to cut loose that guy I inadvertently tricked into thinking I was a nice girl. [ profile] permetaform, stop laughing.

It's an interesting change, actually having a sex life.

Also, I may have, uhm, inhaled all episodes of the new Hawaii Five-0. It reminds me of SGA, being that it is also a show made by fans of genre shows from the 70's with no small degree of irreverent fannish glee. Granted it's a completely different genre. Though bizarrely, since both shows feature characters in the military, I had the surreal experience of reading slash that brings up DADT for the first time since SGA.

Perhaps even more surreal was reading slash fic about the overturning of DADT for the first time since DADT was actually overturned in reality.

The world, she is a-changin'.

I need a new mood theme. Suggestions, anyone?
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2010-10-03 11:26 pm
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So apparently my new haircut is magic.

By which I mean, ever since I got it, my sex life has been improving by leaps and bounds. Like, without any effort on my part whatsoever. I don't even have to hit on people. Which is good. Because I'm antisocial and I hate having to be the one making overtures. First the threesome. Then, tonight I met a guy I liked enough to make out with for ~20 minutes. I would have taken him home with me, but I have to get up super early tomorrow morning, and (possibly for the first time in my life) I'm not sex-deprived enough that I'm willing to give up sleep.

My running is improving by leaps and bounds. I did a charity run for colon cancer this morning. I saw a sign advertising the event yesterday night and thought, 'hey, if I wake up early enough tomorrow morning, I might as well participate.' It turned out I did wake up early enough. I wasn't sure I'd be able to run the whole 4 miles, but it turns out not only did I run the full 4 miles, but my average speed was much faster than I thought (4 miles in 00:40:20). I came in 170th (there were over 1000 people participating; the event was for both runners and walkers). I got a goodybag. And an over-sized t-shirt (sometimes it's annoying being 5 ft tall and tiny.)

Fun fact I learned today: colorectal cancer gets considerably less government funding than breast cancer despite the fact that it kills more people than breast cancer and HIV combined.

After the charity run, I got to enjoy the last day of a 3 day bluegrass festival. I came by myself, but managed to make some friends after I got there (including the dude I made out with for 20 minutes). I arrived too late to catch the Indigo Girls, but I did get to hear the last couple songs performed by Dave Alvin & The Guilty Women, the entire Roseanne Cash set, the last half of the performance by The Dell McCoury Band and the entire Emmylou(sp?) Harris set. And the food was awesome (if somewhat overpriced).

Here's some food news worth checking out:

Should you buy organic produce? Not necessarily. The above guides explain which types of produce are safe to buy cheap and which have dangerously high pesticide levels and therefore should be purchased organic. It's best to avoid produce with a pesticide score > 28.

And for the love of God, never, ever buy non-organically grown celery. It's practically more pesticide than it is vegetable.
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2010-08-22 04:24 pm
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Hello any fen in the NY area.

I'm with [ profile] par_avion right now. We are trying to do some kind of fen get together tomorrow. I'm leaving early, early, early Tuesday morning. So if you have the time to spare within that window of opportunity, hit me up.

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2010-06-29 05:57 pm
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Within the past five days I:

Found out I'll be missing an event I've been looking forward to for months (the date for which was only recently revealed) because it conflicts with the vacation I've already purchased plane tickets for.

Failed to submit anything to vividcon. I just wasn't happy enough with the rough draft to feel like I'd be able to have a satisfactory final draft by the deadline. Which is to say, the vid didn't really feel convention-worthy. In any case, I'll probably be posting it to my lj within the next couple weeks.

Missed a vocal lesson after getting on the wrong bus and not noticing my error until I glanced up, thinking I must be getting close to my stop, and realized I was in fact clear across the city.

Contracted a mild case of dysentery.

No, seriously. TMI ahead )Suffice it to say, I am never buying ravioli from that pizza place down the street ever again.

I went to a four hour concert on Sunday, despite the dysentery. I managed to make it through the concert, though I was clenching my buttocks very tightly on the way back to my apartment afterwards.

The concert was outdoors. I am heinously sunburned. I kind of forgot I could get sunburned. Usually I just tan and tan and tan. Then again, usually I don't go from vampire pale to Persian dark in a single sitting. Pre-sunburn, my skin actually looked paler than that of half the white people standing around me (many of whom were over-tanned themselves). Now I think my skin is in shock.

Speaking of, had a blast at the concert. Kris Allen is awesome live. He continues to be dreamy. And bouncy. And pocket sized. And God I love his voice.

Under normal circumstances I'd be annoyed to attend a concert surrounded by teen and preteen girls, but in this case it was actually nice to not be a head shorter than everyone and thus be able to see the stage. Especially with a front man as pocket sized as Kris.

No, seriously, I almost cracked up when the tech guy came out after the preceding performer to lower the mike stand by like, a foot. I almost cracked up again when Kris proceeded to sing *on his tip-toes.*

He could not be more precious if he tried.

So. Week from hell. But it did have it's high points.
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2010-06-12 02:13 pm
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So I'm job hunting again. Being a fundraiser turned out not to be for me.

At least I got to build up my shmoozing skills, which I know will come in handy later. Apparently standing on street corners asking people for money for hours at a time is a really good workout. I swear I lost two lbs in three days.

I'm giving myself a week to finish a vid before I actually jump back in to the job search, so wish me luck on that.
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2010-05-31 10:25 pm
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This Past Week

Tuesday I....
- hung out with a friend
- went to a Massive Attack concert with said friend (awesome!)
- ate way too many bagel chips dipped in cream cheese
- discovered two awesome musical artists, Martina Topley-Bird and Pomplamoose

Wednesday I....
- had a savory crepe and blintz (pastry filled with cheese) for breakfast
- SUFFERED from cheese overload (lactose intolerance is no laughing matter; except in the sense that it is actually excellent fart joke material)
- went to a job interview and rocked it in spite of horrible stomach ache
- finished reading Less Than Zero and went to bed feeling deeply traumatized

Thursday I....
- CONTINUED TO SUFFER -- never again, oh my God.

Friday I....
- finally expelled the evil cheese from my system after two days of gas, bloating and constipation
- celebrated with dinner and a movie: Prince of Persia (epic race fail; Jake Gyllenhaal was not shirtless nearly often enough for my taste, but at least it was less lame than Percy Jackson)

Saturday I....
- took a nice walk on the beach, and to the store, and back home
- read fic and procrastinated

Sunday I....
- read fic and procrastinated
- spent an hour cleaning house (six more hours and my house might actually be clean, but hey, it's a start)

Today I....
- spent two hours looking for the stud to a piercing I need to get re-pierced, before giving up
- bought some much needed t-shirts
- browsed through a business oriented book on songwriting
- started reading Sarah Rees Brennan's latest book case you were interested.
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2010-05-21 01:29 pm
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I'm number 8 on the VVC waitlist. Cross your fingers for me!

I will be opening an Etsy store within a month, selling colorful jewelry made out of handwoven leather cord, price range: $15-$45. I'll be posting the link in a f-locked post once the store opens. Alternatively, you can leave me a comment in this post and I'll send you the info directly.

Kris Allen is coming to my city next month! FREE concert in Golden Gate Park! WHEEEEEEEeeeeee!

Happy Friday, everyone.

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2010-01-06 02:46 pm
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Hello all. Long time no post.

Fannishly: Reading a lot of AI slash, both s8 and s7. Also reading Merlin and the occasional SPN/SPNRPS fic. Currently writing a short AI8 fic I hope to finish in time for the [ profile] kradam_kiss deadline. Also planning to finish my BSG Starbuck vid for the [ profile] escapade_con vid show. And change my journal layout for the love of God.

I got a lot of exercise in over the holiday. It's the one benefit of being trapped for two weeks in Middle-of-Nowhere, CA with my dysfunctional family, no driver's license, and no wifi. The easiest method for escape turned out to be "I'm taking a walk."

Thus I spent my holiday walking/jogging an average of two hours a day, sleeping an average of twelve hours a day, and eating for the remainder. Sometimes I walked and ate simultaneously. And I managed not to gain any weight, so basically my metabolism is crazy high right now. Hopefully I can keep it that way.

My new years resolutions are as follows:

1. Learn guitar and finish all my unfinished song projects.
2. Get my artwork into my university's annual gallery show.
3. Get a part time job, if not in the spring, then definitely over the summer.
4. Spend less.
5. Party more.
6. Get laid (you do not even want to know how long it's been since that last happened).
7. Exercise more and eat more vegetables.
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2009-09-29 05:55 pm
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Hey Strangers

So I've been busy.

Art school continues to use up all my creativity. I haven't been producing anything fannish, hence the whole lotta nothing I've been posting to this journal.

I got sucked into American Idol RPS, since I do at least have enough brain energy left over after classes to read fanfiction and surf youtube. Don't judge me. In fact? Here: read this fandom overview and SHARE MY PAIN.

I've discovered the hidden downside to weightloss. My tits have shrunk.I am now a B cup. U GUISE, I can't even remember the last time I was a B cup. I think I was twelve. On the upside, I'm getting more mileage out of that LJ icon than I ever anticipated.

I'm blaming my newly developed pectorals for the fact that I went down a cup size, but not a band size. Then again, maybe I should at least try the 32C's considering *none* of the 34B's @ Victoria's Secret fit me right. Of course, that might just be the style. They stopped selling unpadded balconet bras. The teardrop shaped cups are not flattering on me, and the padding in the new balconets gives me cones straight out of 1950's television.

I am not an older white lady. That is not a good look for me.

But speaking of older white ladies, Courtney Cox has a new show. Cougar Town. On the downside, it's no Dirt. On the upside, it's no Friends either. It's going on my list of sitcoms I will deign to watch (bringing that list to a grand total of two shows, the other being The Big Bang Theory). Also on the upside? No obnoxious laugh track.
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2009-07-28 04:02 pm
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Oh yeah, so I think I forgot to mention


highlights, in brief:
Burn Notice panel, aka The Bruce Campbell Stand-Up Comedy
Chuck panel -- Jeffster live! Adam Baldwin giving Joshua Gomez a wedgie! With his pink underwear!
Park Chan Wook -- panel + free screening of Thirst (the dude who made Old Boy, in case you didn't know)
Marvel Civil War Game panel -- I don't game, but it was kind of cool seeing Stan Lee show up
Sanctuary panel -- OH MY GOD, do I need to be watching this show
Smallville & Supernatural -- FRONT ROW SEATS, BABY, 10 feet away from Sera Gamble

I somehow managed to acquire a free Asian thriller DVD and a free copy of the Vampire Diaries without actually trying. I also got some free stuff on purpose by standing in line for it. No autographs, though.

More detailed report later.
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2009-07-03 05:38 pm
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Made of Awesome

So I have finally saved up enough money to 1) afford Comicon 2)afford Vividcon, and 3) buy myself a pair of MBT's (state of the art ergonomic sneakers) without going broke!

It's a relief to have some real walking shoes. I usually walk home after kung-fu lessons, and it's 1.6 miles on hard cement with a fairly steep downhill incline—that's a lot of shock for my joints to have to absorb. And that's not to mention all the walking I do going to class/running errands around downtown San Francisco on a regular basis.

The shoes are supposed to help take strain off your back as you walk. I do hope this proves to be true, as I have the tensest back muscles in creation. I once had a professional masseuse give me a poorly concealed horrified look.

I decided to celebrate my financial solvency with pie. Mmmmmm pie.

And a beautiful boy.

No, not like that. I just took him with me when I went for pie. I'm courting. Or something.

[to recap for those of you not on my music filter, I have a new jamming partner/friend—a fellow sculpture major at my art school]

It was his birthday, so I had a legitimate platonic excuse to purchase food for him. Apparently birthdays make him depressed. Who knows why. Maybe he's sekritly a sterotypical woman with "oh noes! one year older!" angst. It would explain the hair (by which I mean his long, flowing raven locks that he conditions with Paul Mitchell conditioner). Although I suppose the linebacker shoulders and slim manhips contradict that theory.

Oh God, he's so pretty. And single! And not gay! It's like he's a tulpa Lisa Kleypas willed into existence.

Oh, and I'm posting this instant messenger conversation here for posterity:
[ profile] lierdumoa: you know I had the strangest dream last night that I was Marissa Cooper
[ profile] permetaform: x.x
[ profile] lierdumoa: and also Satan's granddaughter
[ profile] permetaform: ...XD
[ profile] lierdumoa: and I was running all over the countryside to get to this satan worshipping convent
after leaving Ryan Atwood at the beach to take the fall for killing his dead brother
whom I may or may not have drowned
[ profile] permetaform: that's a...special dream
[ profile] lierdumoa: it was kind of awesome
[ profile] permetaform: llllllllllllllllllllol!
wow, special typo
tho appropriate
[ profile] lierdumoa: the running was fun
it was, like, running with superpowers
so it felt more like flying than running
[ profile] permetaform: well, satan's granddaughter an all that
[ profile] lierdumoa: superpowers included
[ profile] permetaform: superpowers of EEEEEville
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2009-06-15 08:12 pm
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The most hilarious thing happened on Saturday.

I was on the bus fairly close to home, talking to a friend. I decided to get off because the bus was too loud to hold a phone conversation and I was only about a mile away from my place. After walking for a while, a car came up behind me.

Obnoxious boy #1 yelled out the window that I was beautiful. I rolled my eyes, said a semi-sarcastic thanks and continued talking to my friend over the phone.

Obnoxious boy #2 asked me if my feet were tired (with the unspoken implication that he'll be willing to give me a ride, of course, pun intended). I said, "I'm good," and again went back to my conversation.

And then. A third voice arose. A female voice, saying "I am so sorry. I'm sooo sorry."

This I had to see. I turned towards the car so fast I almost gave myself whiplash, because what? These losers actually had a woman in the car with them? I saw this beautiful Asian girl in the front seat with the world's most wretchedly embarrassed expression on her face.

"It's okay," I told her, trying not to laugh. I figure she was trapped in the car with either her endearingly stupid male college friends or possibly her endearingly stupid male sibling and his friends.

This event, combined with the event which took place earlier on in the day, wherein a guy told me I had a cute laugh after I cackled gratingly into the phone during a separate phone conversation, leads me to conclude that my new hair cut has given me sex hair, and I look like a million bucks right now.

So. You know. WIN.
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2009-05-20 06:16 pm
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Non-Fandom Squee

I saw The Kills in concert last night. Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince.

Oh god, so awesome. I had no idea what the band looked like, my only experience of them being a well loved bootlegged CD, and I can't tell you how the feminist in me cried for joy to see a mass of young girls swarming the floor to see a nearly six foot Amazon wearing non-revealing pants/boots/long sleeved (sequined!) jacket combo (and looking like sex on a stick) moan her way through one of the sexiest albums I've ever had the pleasure of stealing, rocking her hips to the beat like she was wearing an invisible strap-on and basically being a complete and utter goddess.

She looked like I imagine a young [ profile] mistressace to have looked.

She did a cover of "I Put a Spell on You (And Now You're MIIIIIIIINE)." Seriously. Who does that?!?

And chainsmoked through the entire show.

And Hince was, like, her perfect musical soulmate. Hephaestion to her Emperor Alexander, only the fucking was a lot more metaphorical, in this case.

I was lucky enough to have arrived early, so got to be front and center. There was literally one person between me and the stage. At one point Alison Mosshart sat on the speaker at the edge of the stage, directly in front of me and leaned back over the crowd and one of my fingers briefly snagged on a tangle in her hair.

I got one of the posters that were being handed out at the end of the show. I think I shall have it mounted. On the wall, I mean. In a non-sexual way, I mean. Shut up, [ profile] permetaform.
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2008-12-01 04:04 pm
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My brain is a terrible place. I saw this news article and now all I can hear in my head is the voice of Maggie Gyllenhaal breathily moaning "I'm your secretary" while masturbating in an office bathroom.

Note: I'm kind of amazed at myself for being able to correctly spell her last name from memory.

I wrote the worst paper in the history Art History. Luckily my instructor took pity and gave us all an extra week.

I have the money to buy the ergonomic shoes I've been coveting. Only the shoes I have right now are pretty good, and I have a million other worthwhile things I could also be spending that money on. Or I could put it in my savings account. In any case, I need to get it out of my checking account before it all gets spent on overpriced food because I took the time to make myself a lunch only to forget it in my fridge for the second day in a row.

I am so tired right now I'm strongly considering giving up some of my culinary pretention and actually buying pre-grated parmesan because it's the only kind they cell at the corner store near my house and shopping anywhere that will sell me a decent block of Reggiano requires at least a mile and a half of walking.

On the other hand I haven't been to a Whole Foods in so long I'm starting to miss stinky French cheese like the deserts miss the rain. Not that I need to be buying any when I'm five pounds away from being able to sit down in my tight jeans without losing circulation.

Supposedly there should be a paycheck in the mailbox when I get home today.

::crosses fingers::

Speaking of fingers, I stabbed myself in one with a kitchen knife this morning. God only knows what I'll do to myself in welding class tomorrow. Wish me luck! Or a swift death!

I'm currently poking at notes for an original novel whose characters are in my head sekritly being played by Jared Padalecki and Tricia Helfer. I haven't decided if they're going to end up fucking in it yet, tho. I mean, they should. Because that would be hot. But if it's not working in the story I'm not going to try to force it. Nobody likes pasted on subtext. I've got Eartha Kitt in there too. Try to bend your brain around that one. See if you do a better job of it than I'm doing. Seriously, I have, like, no work done on this thing and it was supposed to be a nanowrimo project. I am so made of fail. Clearly I need to not quit my day job where I'm a part-time nudist.

Yeah, I basically had no reason for writing this post.

ETA: After seeing several interviews on youtube it has become clear to me that Robert Pattinson hates Edward even more than Kristen Kreuk hated Lana. Which is probably more hate than any single person can handle without exploding. Then again, Robert Pattinson kind of seems like he might be on the verge of doing just that.

And seriously, if he did explode? SPARKLY VAMPIRE CONFETTI FOR EVERYONE!!1!
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2008-11-04 09:33 pm
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President Elect Barack Obama

My Dad: WE WON!
Me: You know, I told my friends, I want Obama to win because it means my Dad will stop being a cynic for five minutes.
My Dad: A what?
My Dad: WHAT?
My Dad: OH. A CYNIC.
Me: Okay, that's all I called about. Bye.
My Dad: Okay, bye.

This is the best publicity Kenya is ever going to get ever.

ETA: My dad is not hard of hearing. We both had tv's on really loud in the background.
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2008-10-24 05:54 pm
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Had a figure modeling job today. Was really tired afterwards. Drank a frighteningly supercaffeinated thing and spent a couple hours waiting for it to kick in. It kept not kicking in. Talked to a friend on the phone whining, "SOOO TIIIIRED, WHYYYYYYY?!?" whilst using the internet to estimate how many calories figure modeling burns (I assume a little less than what yoga burns).

Spent a good fifteen minutes of blank confusion before connecting the dots and realizing I have in fact burned more calories than I've eaten today.


Now I'm trying to figure out if I should eat at the overpriced Thai place nextdoor or go somewhere more reasonably priced but farther away. I don't really feel like Thai. But I also don't really feel like walking.


:| :| :|
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2008-10-22 04:22 pm
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[ profile] permetaform: heh, cousin's demanding that we dress up for her b-day party
[ profile] permetaform: so I'm gonna wear my black wings, stick some feathers in my hair in fan-shape and carry around a sign saying "NEVERMORE"
[ profile] permetaform: =D
[ profile] lierdumoa: HA
[ profile] permetaform: yeah, and then black clothes, which is easy for me
[ profile] permetaform: 'cause black is my friend
[ profile] lierdumoa: oh god, I'm just picturing you
[ profile] lierdumoa: in your tiny voice
[ profile] permetaform: heeeeee
[ profile] permetaform: ^_^V
[ profile] lierdumoa: saying "nevermore" over and over again
[ profile] lierdumoa:like a goddamn pokemon
[ profile] permetaform:
[ profile] lierdumoa: I wish their had been a Nevermore pokemon
[ profile] lierdumoa: in competition, it would just stare you into giving up
[ profile] lierdumoa: YOUR SOUL
[ profile] permetaform: XD
[ profile] permetaform: indeeeeeed

Although, on second thought, it would probably be next to impossible to get Nevermore to return to its pokeball. Thing would probably, like, epoxy itself to your chamber door.

My Ecorche instructor (that being the class where we use oil based clay to sculpt the human body from the inside out) has an interesting way of teaching. There's very little instruction involved. He sculpts a form himself and maybe throws out one or two sentences explaining what he's doing, and then lets his students spend a few hours pretty much winging it. After a while he does a walkaround to each student and points out what's wrong/right with a given project. It feels less like he's giving a lesson and more like he's giving a beta.

Rather, it's not the teaching style I find so unique as that he is using this particular teaching style for a class that is so inherently technical. I'd expect it for, say, my welding class, where our projects are left completely to our imagination with the provision that they involve welding of some kind. But in terms of artistic anatomy, I took the drawing form of this class some semesters ago and half of each class session consisted of the intructor giving a lecture while his students took down notes.
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2008-10-09 03:32 pm
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I hate school.

Okay, that's a lie. I love school. Only, here is the thing. I have early morning classes/job. My friends have night classes/job. And apparently my body loves sleep more than it loves my friends because I keep waking up in the morning only to find that I've somehow slept through two phonecalls because my friends tried to get a hold of me after 10:00 at night, and I've already been in bed since 9:00, so that I may wake ::before the sun has risen:: to go walking/jogging, take a shower, and hurry off to class.


If I could just subsist on 6 hours of sleep a night instead of 8, the world would be a brighter, more wonderful place. For me, anyway. Since I'd get to speak to my friends.

I miss you guys.

Oh right, speaking of which.


I'm doing figure modeling. You know, where you stand/sit very still, usually sans clothing, and people draw/paint/sculpt you. I had my first workday last Friday. It went well. The schedule is sporadic for this semester since I signed up late, and I'm now getting mostly jobs from other models' last minute cancellations. The pay is decent. Particularly since my parents are still supporting me through college and I don't actually need the money. Next semester I should get steadier work.

I'm reading Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. It's really good so far. I'm about 1/2 of the way through.

I haven't had much time for fannish things lately.

I still need to post my companion post to my Geisha vid, an in depth vid review for [ profile] keewick's 32, and an audio commentated version of my Dean vid.

My Dean genderfuck fic is 12962 words thus far.

Hmmm, what else?

My sense of taste has gotten bizarrely acute in the past few weeks. Things that tasted perfectly fine before now have strange, sometimes chemical aftertastes. I don't like it at all. [ profile] permetaform thinks I'm turning into a sentinel.

Which would be awesome except I don't think I can fit Blair Sandburg in my studio apartment.

Note: I did not make that icon. I only really wish I had. Credit to [ profile] amandathegreat.