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2012-06-19 01:49 pm


I got a tumblr. And I actually seem to be using my tumblr! So if you want to see me doing fannish things, you might want to check out my tumblr.

Expect lots of Teen Wolf and Avengers squee, bad jokes that stopped being funny 6 years ago and occasional multifannish things.

I also have an Avengers fic in the works.

I'm also planning a series of cracked out themed fanfiction recs lists based on obscure tropes whose names I made up.
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2011-10-15 12:49 am
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You have no idea how ironic my icon is

Life goes well!

I saw Electric Six in concert! And let me tell you all about the fire at that disco. Ended up taking a very, very pretty (and adorably geeky) Australian tourist to bed. Insert "down under" joke here. Oh, the pale blue green of his eyes. The delicate pink flush of his penis. Like making out with an oil painting. A warm, naked oil painting. And he gave me a massage. It was like it was my birthday or something.


Also, I bought myself a kick-ass halloween costume this year. I ended up using it for work. In fact, now that I think about it, I might actually be able to write it off my taxes. I do enjoy my job. I really, really do.

I've decided to henceforth stick to birthday resolutions and forget about New Year's resolutions. It turns out I actually end up accomplishing my birthday resolutions, and I'm really not up for achieving anything after I've just gone through the trauma of the holidays.

Still don't have a vidding machine. I need to get on that because I found the *perfect* song for an Avatar vid.

Saw The Dead with [ profile] kuwdora and her fan friend. It was kind of amazing. I highly recommend to any zombie lover. I then extracted from her a promise that we would get drunk and see In Time as soon as it came out in theaters. WATCH THE TRAILER YOU GUYZ. And then you will understand my insistence both that we see the movie in theaters and that we not be sober at the time.

It's possible I'll just have to make this a rule every time I see an Amanda Seyfried movie. I mean, it's the only way I made it through Red Riding Hood. Seriously, that movie had Gary Oldman *and* Michael Shanks DanielJackson. Who of course dies. Like DanielJackson does. At least, I think he dies. Did I mention I was drunk when I saw this movie?

I'm really not a lush, I swear.

Also, I may or may not be dating. Platonic dating with possible option for future romantic upgrade? She mentioned an ex boyfriend (straight?) and how she considered majoring in queer studies (bi?). Either way it means I'm hanging out with a smart gorgeous redhead so, go me.

Now I just need to figure out how to cut loose that guy I inadvertently tricked into thinking I was a nice girl. [ profile] permetaform, stop laughing.

It's an interesting change, actually having a sex life.

Also, I may have, uhm, inhaled all episodes of the new Hawaii Five-0. It reminds me of SGA, being that it is also a show made by fans of genre shows from the 70's with no small degree of irreverent fannish glee. Granted it's a completely different genre. Though bizarrely, since both shows feature characters in the military, I had the surreal experience of reading slash that brings up DADT for the first time since SGA.

Perhaps even more surreal was reading slash fic about the overturning of DADT for the first time since DADT was actually overturned in reality.

The world, she is a-changin'.

I need a new mood theme. Suggestions, anyone?
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2011-08-18 06:01 pm
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Dude. When I opened up LJ it asked me if I wanted to restore from saved draft. This was the saved draft: Read more... )

I am laughing so hard at myself right now.

Vividcon was awesome. I'd say I'm going to post a full con report, but I think we all know by now how terrible I am at finishing things.

There was lots of crying. For various reasons. Namely, Sandy, Sandy, that fucking dog vid, Sandy, the UP vid, Sandy.

I discovered [ profile] kuwdora has been living in my city THIS WHOLE TIME and I had NO IDEA.

Saw that X-Men movie. Read all the Alex/Armando fic I could find. Am annoyed that I did not find more. Back to reading Sherlock fic.

Speaking of, met lots of shiny Sherlock fen. Even found a beta. Still in need of a britpicker, tho.

My laptop did the bluescreen of death today. Apparently I no longer have permission to run explorer.exe (also known as, you know, the interface). I can still turn it on, but only in safe mode. I have no idea to work the command line, but I know ctrl+alt+Del, so I can open programs via the task manager, but I can't access the internet. Luckily I can also transfer files to a flash drive via the task manager, and I have a backup computer. Actually my backup computer is nicer than my laptop. But it's a desktop, so I can't use it to read fic in bed, hence I practically never turn it on.

Anyway, my laptop is still under warranty, so it's all good.

Note, this backup desktop is the 3 year old Mac my parents gave me when they upgraded to a newer model, not to be confused with my 8 year old Dell with the defunct sound card and monitor that only displays the color orange. I'll be vidding on it (the Mac) as soon as I can make it run Windows (because I'm not restarting my four nearly finished vid projects from scratch in FCP if I can help it).
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2011-04-25 06:52 pm
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Progress! And new tee veeeee!

BSG vid draft has been sent off to beta. I am so fail. I did two system restores before I finally figured out that the reason my computer was freaking out was because I was trying to vid with only 2.5 GB of free space. But hey! I still got the draft finished!


I'm watching Game of Thrones.

spoilers for first 2 episodes )

Apparently this fandom has a kickass food blog. Now I kind of want to have fannish viewing parties solely for the excuse it provides to eat "medieval quails drowned in butter" and drink mead.

Seriously, though. Who else on my f-list is watching this show?
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2011-04-19 11:48 am


I'm making actual progress on the music writing front. YEY ME! Planning on putting out a 5 song demo by June 15.

In other news.

Have discovered new benefit to being tiny. Cheap underwearz. Gap girls' XXL panties fall about midway between women's S and women's XS, making them exactly my size. And they beat even the clearance prices of their adult counterparts. And occasionally they come in 7 packs with the days of the week on them—Sheldon Cooper would approve.

Most of my other cost saving measures are in the kitchen. This week: homemade nut milks. The concept is simple. Put nuts in a blender. Add water. Blend. Strain. For particularly hard nuts, soak overnight. Yesterday I tried this with some black sesame seeds I'd bought in bulk. The high oil content made for a very rich and creamy end product. Bonus—straining left behind a nice seed paste I can use to make tahini. I have a butt-load of uneaten peanuts, so I'm trying that next.

FYI: using raw chocolate powder instead of Dutch processed cocoa powder results in a more bitter end product. More sugar must be added to compensate. It took me two failed brownie batches to figure this out. Well, not failed, really. People still ate them.

Drive-by Movie Reviews:

Hanna—what it lacks in story and character development it makes up for in BADASS.

Your Highness—funnier than I expected. In that vulgar, moderately offensive teenaged boy way. Lots of naked boobies. Natalie Portman has fun with some truly creative revenge fantasy monologues.

Hop—mostly sucked. Do not recommend. And I'm usually pretty easy to please when it comes to kids movies. I mean, I even enjoyed The Toothfairy.
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2011-03-18 07:24 pm
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Vid Ideas: Free to a Good Home!


Battlestar: Galactica - Laura Roslin; "Leave It Open" by Kate Bush
"Harm is in us/Harm in us and power to arm"

Battlestar: Galactica - Gaius Baltar POV, Baltar/Caprica 6 "These Things" by She Wants Revenge
"I'm not a bad man/I'm just overwhelmed"

Dirt - Lucy Spiller POV, telling it like it is; "Hooker With a Penis" by TOOL
"All you know about me's what I sold ya"

Dr. Who - "Cinderella Man" by Eminem
"If I had a time machine..."

Farscape - Scorpius POV of John Crichton; "John the Revelator" by Depeche Mode
"And who's that shouting, 'John the Revelator!'/All he ever gives us is pain"

Smallville - Lex POV to start, switching to Clark POV; "Grenade" by Bruno Mars (this one's a little bit of an LKBV)
"Shoulda known you was trouble from the first kiss"

Stargate: Atlantis - Elizabeth Weir; "The Wrong Band" by Tori Amos
"And there's something believing in her voice"

Stargate: Atlantis - building of the TEAM; "Land Down Under" by Men at Work
"You better run/You better take cover"

Supernatural - Starts off Dean POV, then switches to Season 6 Sam POV @ the end; "Community Property" by Steel Panthers
"If suddenly you were a dude, I'd be suddenly gay"

Supernatural - Dean/Castiel, Dean POV; "Missonary Man" by The Eurythmics
"You can fool with your brother/But don't mess with a missionary man"


3:10 to Yuma - Everyone's just waiting for the train to come. Some longer than others; "Kissy, Kissy" by The Kills
"It's been a long time coming"

Batman: The Dark Knight - Joker POV; "The Contest (To Shave-a Da Face)" performed by Sacha Baron Cohen in the Sweeney Todd OST
"For if-a you slip/You nick da skin/You clip-a da chin/You rip-a da lip a bit beyond-a repair"

Black Swan - Repression is bad; "Showbiz" by Muse
"Pushing us into self-destruction"

Perfume - dead girl's POV; "Father Lucifer" by Tori Amos
"Tell me that you're still in love with that milkmaid"

Perfume - omniscient/killer's POV; "Pepper" by Butthole Surfers
"I can taste you on my lips and smell you in my clothes"

Twilight - "Stay" by Michelle Featherstone
"If I shackled your feet/So you couldn't leave/Would you try and run?"

Also, new icon! (source)

Why yes, I am coming to VVC.
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2010-08-22 04:24 pm
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Hello any fen in the NY area.

I'm with [ profile] par_avion right now. We are trying to do some kind of fen get together tomorrow. I'm leaving early, early, early Tuesday morning. So if you have the time to spare within that window of opportunity, hit me up.

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2010-08-09 03:00 pm
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TV watching update:

spoilers for True Blood 3x08 )

Also, I'm finally all caught up on Leverage (I was about a season and a half behind).

Other fannish news:

Though I missed out on VVC, I did manage to do some clubbing/karaoke over the weekend. It was good times.

Inspiration finally struck on my BSG Starbuck-centric vid. I've filled in another 54 seconds of timeline. At this rate I should have a completed draft in time for my vacation.

Speaking of, I will be visiting [ profile] par_avion later this month, which I am super excited about.

And that's about all the news I have.
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2010-06-12 02:13 pm
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So I'm job hunting again. Being a fundraiser turned out not to be for me.

At least I got to build up my shmoozing skills, which I know will come in handy later. Apparently standing on street corners asking people for money for hours at a time is a really good workout. I swear I lost two lbs in three days.

I'm giving myself a week to finish a vid before I actually jump back in to the job search, so wish me luck on that.
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2010-05-31 10:25 pm
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This Past Week

Tuesday I....
- hung out with a friend
- went to a Massive Attack concert with said friend (awesome!)
- ate way too many bagel chips dipped in cream cheese
- discovered two awesome musical artists, Martina Topley-Bird and Pomplamoose

Wednesday I....
- had a savory crepe and blintz (pastry filled with cheese) for breakfast
- SUFFERED from cheese overload (lactose intolerance is no laughing matter; except in the sense that it is actually excellent fart joke material)
- went to a job interview and rocked it in spite of horrible stomach ache
- finished reading Less Than Zero and went to bed feeling deeply traumatized

Thursday I....
- CONTINUED TO SUFFER -- never again, oh my God.

Friday I....
- finally expelled the evil cheese from my system after two days of gas, bloating and constipation
- celebrated with dinner and a movie: Prince of Persia (epic race fail; Jake Gyllenhaal was not shirtless nearly often enough for my taste, but at least it was less lame than Percy Jackson)

Saturday I....
- took a nice walk on the beach, and to the store, and back home
- read fic and procrastinated

Sunday I....
- read fic and procrastinated
- spent an hour cleaning house (six more hours and my house might actually be clean, but hey, it's a start)

Today I....
- spent two hours looking for the stud to a piercing I need to get re-pierced, before giving up
- bought some much needed t-shirts
- browsed through a business oriented book on songwriting
- started reading Sarah Rees Brennan's latest book case you were interested.
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2010-05-21 01:29 pm
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I'm number 8 on the VVC waitlist. Cross your fingers for me!

I will be opening an Etsy store within a month, selling colorful jewelry made out of handwoven leather cord, price range: $15-$45. I'll be posting the link in a f-locked post once the store opens. Alternatively, you can leave me a comment in this post and I'll send you the info directly.

Kris Allen is coming to my city next month! FREE concert in Golden Gate Park! WHEEEEEEEeeeeee!

Happy Friday, everyone.

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2010-01-06 02:46 pm
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Hello all. Long time no post.

Fannishly: Reading a lot of AI slash, both s8 and s7. Also reading Merlin and the occasional SPN/SPNRPS fic. Currently writing a short AI8 fic I hope to finish in time for the [ profile] kradam_kiss deadline. Also planning to finish my BSG Starbuck vid for the [ profile] escapade_con vid show. And change my journal layout for the love of God.

I got a lot of exercise in over the holiday. It's the one benefit of being trapped for two weeks in Middle-of-Nowhere, CA with my dysfunctional family, no driver's license, and no wifi. The easiest method for escape turned out to be "I'm taking a walk."

Thus I spent my holiday walking/jogging an average of two hours a day, sleeping an average of twelve hours a day, and eating for the remainder. Sometimes I walked and ate simultaneously. And I managed not to gain any weight, so basically my metabolism is crazy high right now. Hopefully I can keep it that way.

My new years resolutions are as follows:

1. Learn guitar and finish all my unfinished song projects.
2. Get my artwork into my university's annual gallery show.
3. Get a part time job, if not in the spring, then definitely over the summer.
4. Spend less.
5. Party more.
6. Get laid (you do not even want to know how long it's been since that last happened).
7. Exercise more and eat more vegetables.
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2009-02-16 02:02 pm
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So I've filled up almost half my timeline in Premiere. Well, assuming I don't decide to extend the intro, which I might do. I won't know until I've started putting clips down for it. I've finished the last verse+chorus, the second chorus, parts of the 2nd verse, and half the instrumental that falls between the first chorus and the second verse, which all adds up to just under a minute. The song is just over two minutes (again, assuming I don't decide to extend the intro).

I have two possible titles I'm trying to choose between for the vid. "No Rest for the Wicked" or "What Happens to a Dream Deferred?"

This week is field trip week. We're going to a horse farm for my animal sculpture class. We're going to the foundry for my bronze casting class. I <3 art school. Even though it means I have hardly any time for anything fannish.
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2009-01-13 02:59 pm
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So I've started my latest vid project. SPN. Ruby. I'm having fun with the pitch shifter. It's this shiny tool that makes annoyingly high pitched singing voices less high pitched, and therefore less annoying. Just out of curiosity, I tried it on "Dirty Diana." And like magic, Michael Jackson became black again. And Shirley Temple turned into an eighth grade boy.

Yes, my music collection is large and varied. I know all the lyrics to "Hard Knock Life."


So I went to the movies last weekend. I think? I'm actually not sure what day of the week it was. I lose track when I'm not in class/working, which I'm not for the next two weeks.

My Top 10 Reasons Why The Twilight Movie Very Surprisingly Did Not Suck

#10 This movie is hilarious. I'm not just talking about myself, here. Apparently numerous theater patrons agree with me.

#9 The actors are good. The teenagers actually act/look like teenagers. The parents actually act/look like parents. The vampires actually act/look like eccentric rich people. I particularly liked Rathbone's performance. He somehow manages to have more personality than everyone else in the movie combined without any speaking lines whatsoever.

#8 The movie is well filmed/edited. It features one of the most effective montages I've seen in recent history.

#7 The music didn't suck! Only one ear bleeding song, and it didn't start up until the credits were rolling and I was able to escape the theater.

#6 There are lots of actors from racial minorities, and they have lots of dialogue. Which kind of makes up for all the Native Americans having exotically long, flowing, raven hair.

#5 The human boys with crushes on Bella are a lot less skeevy in the the movie than they are in the book. Which is to say, they accept rejection far more gracefully.

#4 The girl who has a fantastic rack is complimented on her fantastic rack by two other girls. The boys, meanwhile, are not actually onscreen enough to voice an opinion.

#3 It passes the Bechdel test.

#2 Only one female in the movie looks underfed, and she's not the lead.

#1 Although the movie features numerous deaths, there is only one kill shot. It is of a female vampire, who clearly has dance training, snapping the neck of a male sexual predator, in a ballet studio.
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2008-11-27 08:07 pm
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Chicken Wings and Fannish Things

Yesterday my ecorche instructor told us a heartwarming tale in which he had said to his graduate figure sculpture class, "Happy Thanksgiving," and a Chinese student, in heavily accented broken English, responded, "What is Sexgiving?"



So, uh, I've been buried under a mountain of schoolwork. But my school locked all us poor art students out of the building for the weekend, so we're all enjoying a compulsory hiatus from our finals panic.

In fannish news, I've finally properly outlined my woman!Dean fic, and thus have determined with greater certainty that I am approximately 1/3 of the way done. It was a headache trying to work out the timeline. The story jumps around a lot.

I want to make a Sam vid to Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt" (yes, the original, not the Johnny Cash cover) only I can't decide whether I have enough of an arc to make it now or whether I should wait until the series is over. Granted, considering the speed at which I typically vid, I probably won't get to finish it until the series is over anyway.

I have these very strong visuals in my head juxtaposing Sam and Dean shoving each other into walls with the Sam and Ruby sex scene, set to the thumping bassline of the chorus. Also, evil!Sam. Also, teary eyed!Sam. And flashback sequences of happy moments. Flashback sequences.

It's basically about Sam turning into a wreck over his inability to save Dean. A pathetic wreck. I already have an unofficial title for the vid. It's called "crying and masturbating."

I'm pretty sure the vid's not going to be an LKBV, but it feels like I'm making one anyway simply due to the sheer quantity of shameless self-indulgence that's going into it. But then, I'm sure I've said before that the best vidding experiences are the ones that leave you feeling like you just got away with murder.

Happy Sexgiving, everybody! Eat well!
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2008-10-09 03:32 pm
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I hate school.

Okay, that's a lie. I love school. Only, here is the thing. I have early morning classes/job. My friends have night classes/job. And apparently my body loves sleep more than it loves my friends because I keep waking up in the morning only to find that I've somehow slept through two phonecalls because my friends tried to get a hold of me after 10:00 at night, and I've already been in bed since 9:00, so that I may wake ::before the sun has risen:: to go walking/jogging, take a shower, and hurry off to class.


If I could just subsist on 6 hours of sleep a night instead of 8, the world would be a brighter, more wonderful place. For me, anyway. Since I'd get to speak to my friends.

I miss you guys.

Oh right, speaking of which.


I'm doing figure modeling. You know, where you stand/sit very still, usually sans clothing, and people draw/paint/sculpt you. I had my first workday last Friday. It went well. The schedule is sporadic for this semester since I signed up late, and I'm now getting mostly jobs from other models' last minute cancellations. The pay is decent. Particularly since my parents are still supporting me through college and I don't actually need the money. Next semester I should get steadier work.

I'm reading Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. It's really good so far. I'm about 1/2 of the way through.

I haven't had much time for fannish things lately.

I still need to post my companion post to my Geisha vid, an in depth vid review for [ profile] keewick's 32, and an audio commentated version of my Dean vid.

My Dean genderfuck fic is 12962 words thus far.

Hmmm, what else?

My sense of taste has gotten bizarrely acute in the past few weeks. Things that tasted perfectly fine before now have strange, sometimes chemical aftertastes. I don't like it at all. [ profile] permetaform thinks I'm turning into a sentinel.

Which would be awesome except I don't think I can fit Blair Sandburg in my studio apartment.

Note: I did not make that icon. I only really wish I had. Credit to [ profile] amandathegreat.
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2008-04-21 09:30 pm
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La la la crazycakes

I want to vid The Sarah Connor Chronicles but so far the only idea I've come up with is to vid Riverbot Cameron to "Tiny Dancer." Also, I just might have an idea in the works for possibly the best Starbuck-and-all-her-trainwreck-repationships vid ever.

My episodic SPN vid continues to be "in progress." Every time I attempt to work on it I end up writing fic instead. I now have 7000+ words worth of Dean Winchester genderfuck and 1500+ words worth of Dean/Cassie porn. Yeah, the ex from season 1. I DON'T EVEN KNOW, guys.

Also, I can't stop staring at this banner by [ profile] littlepaperswan. The composition. The caption. The SUBTEXT. The strategic placing of the shotgun between Jensen's legs. The diagonal slash of light leading the eye directly to Jared's crotch. Oh My Holy God, Jared's crotch. Somewhere in an alternate universe Chad Michael Murray is waking up in a cold sweat.


I'm currently amusing myself by coming up with super-pretentious names for my various sculpture projects and pretending I'm deep. Which is to say, I'm procrastinating. Also, I need more knives.

Uh. For sculpting.

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2008-04-15 09:44 pm
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So, like, mere hours after I made my last post? My flash drive got lost/stolen. My flash drive full of gay fanfiction porn. And also some hetero fanfic porn. And a bit lesbian fanfic porn. Oh, and I think it had some naked pictures of me on there as well.

So I was depressed. And I asked my friend [ profile] fashes and my friend [ profile] permetaform, should I stay home and vid? Or go out? Some guy I had class with a few semesters ago gave me a flier for some club with cheap admission. And [ profile] fashes said, you should go if there's dancing. Dancing cheers you up.

So I went dancing. And bought a few drinks. And a very nice Finnish man shared his weed. And then I took him home with me.

Well, no, technically I took him wandering around the city with me looking for some place that sold prophylactics at 3:00 in the morning. Then I took him home with me and we had a good two hours of fun naked time before he had to leave so he could make it to work in the morning. I did not have work in the morning. I slept in.

Upon waking I realized I had somehow managed to strain every muscle in my entire body. I guess that's what happens when you get laid after not getting laid in, UHM, a really long goddamn time.

On the bright side, I am no longer depressed.

Though I am kind of behind on vidding.

How was YOUR week?

ETA: I read this entry in [ profile] spnstoryfinders today:
Are there any fics with Sam cheating on Dean that AREN'T mpreg? The last post with this request only recced two fics that are both mpreg.
Hear that? That's the sound of me crying with laughter.

Never change, SPN fandom. Never change.
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2008-04-11 02:24 pm
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What's up with you guys? There are some new people, I think, reading my journal. ::waves @ new people::

I'm vidding again. SPN. Crack. Episodic. I won't spoil by saying more. I'm probably not sending this one to a convention. I have a beta. Yay! I think I want two betas, but I'm not sure yet who to ask to be #2. I hope to have it up and posted within 3 weeks, ideally.

I should contact the VVC people and ask where I am on the waitlist.

I have two projects in mind for VVC. They're both ... comedies? Sort of. I think they're funny. Other people might not, so much.

Oh right.


I got a new place. Moved in a couple weeks ago. It is a lovely studio inlaw apartment that is mine, all mine, mine, mine. I have no internet yet and no furniture aside from my bed. Because I'm ghetto like that. I should be getting internet as soon as I stop being lazy and make the proper arrangements. So, who knows when, really. I'm using the university computers for now. That seems to be working out, as it gives me extra motivation to actually go to the studio and get work done.

Oh right. So I'm an art student, for those of you who don't know, majoring in sculpture. Yes, I changed my major. Again. I was doing computer animation modeling and then took this required figure modeling course and realized I had a lot more fun modeling in the real world than on the computer. I also had, like, two sculpture instructors I didn't even have classes with come up and compliment me on my work. I took it as a sign. I decided to take another sculpture class before making any major decisions and then, uh, decided. And la! here I am.

I'll post pictures of some of my stuff later. Maybe. I make no promises as I am notoriously bad at keeping them. You should see my fanfic work in progress folder. Actually, you shouldn't. It would just make you cry.