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So I have finally saved up enough money to 1) afford Comicon 2)afford Vividcon, and 3) buy myself a pair of MBT's (state of the art ergonomic sneakers) without going broke!

It's a relief to have some real walking shoes. I usually walk home after kung-fu lessons, and it's 1.6 miles on hard cement with a fairly steep downhill incline—that's a lot of shock for my joints to have to absorb. And that's not to mention all the walking I do going to class/running errands around downtown San Francisco on a regular basis.

The shoes are supposed to help take strain off your back as you walk. I do hope this proves to be true, as I have the tensest back muscles in creation. I once had a professional masseuse give me a poorly concealed horrified look.

I decided to celebrate my financial solvency with pie. Mmmmmm pie.

And a beautiful boy.

No, not like that. I just took him with me when I went for pie. I'm courting. Or something.

[to recap for those of you not on my music filter, I have a new jamming partner/friend—a fellow sculpture major at my art school]

It was his birthday, so I had a legitimate platonic excuse to purchase food for him. Apparently birthdays make him depressed. Who knows why. Maybe he's sekritly a sterotypical woman with "oh noes! one year older!" angst. It would explain the hair (by which I mean his long, flowing raven locks that he conditions with Paul Mitchell conditioner). Although I suppose the linebacker shoulders and slim manhips contradict that theory.

Oh God, he's so pretty. And single! And not gay! It's like he's a tulpa Lisa Kleypas willed into existence.

Oh, and I'm posting this instant messenger conversation here for posterity:
[ profile] lierdumoa: you know I had the strangest dream last night that I was Marissa Cooper
[ profile] permetaform: x.x
[ profile] lierdumoa: and also Satan's granddaughter
[ profile] permetaform: ...XD
[ profile] lierdumoa: and I was running all over the countryside to get to this satan worshipping convent
after leaving Ryan Atwood at the beach to take the fall for killing his dead brother
whom I may or may not have drowned
[ profile] permetaform: that's a...special dream
[ profile] lierdumoa: it was kind of awesome
[ profile] permetaform: llllllllllllllllllllol!
wow, special typo
tho appropriate
[ profile] lierdumoa: the running was fun
it was, like, running with superpowers
so it felt more like flying than running
[ profile] permetaform: well, satan's granddaughter an all that
[ profile] lierdumoa: superpowers included
[ profile] permetaform: superpowers of EEEEEville
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