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It would truly make my life if Sherlock's spoiler cut ) somehow involved Benedict Cumberbatch being ginger haired with ferocious mutton chops. Yes, ferocious.

Also, a hoodie. I don't know why, I just really want to see him in a hoodie. Possibly for the lols.

I was writing this meta-fic. My meta has now been Kripked by the show in rather spectacular fashion. But fear not. I now have NEW META to replace the now redundant old meta and possibly an actual plot for my story that will no doubt be seen by four people and never completed.

Don't get too excited. I'm not great with plot. It's less of a "fancy new storyline with twists" kind of plot and more of a "series of canon-adjacent deleted scenes that together create a romantic subplot" kind of plot—or as I like to refer to it: "...meanwhile, in Irene Adler's crotch...."

And oh, hey, I'm on dreamwidth now.
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Title: 3 Times Sam Winchester Took It Up the Ass
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/OMCs (fans of The OC might recognize the uncredited Ryan Atwood cameo hidden in there), Sam/Jess, implied Sam/Dean,
Rating: NC-17 to be safe
Summary: Stanford-era. 554 wds, unbeta'd.
A/N: This is an excerpt from a much larger Sam/Dean fic I've been writing on and off for the past six months or so. It works as a standalone, though, and I figured I might as well post at least some of what I've been writing.

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I have 8 seconds of left to fill on my timeline.

Why is this vid not done yet?

Why is this vid not done yet?


Jensen Ackles, you're a very beautiful man, but I am losing. the will. to live.

And, because I hate the world, I'm going to now inflict upon my flist a snippet of the latest bit of bandom crack I've been writing.

[ profile] fashes, this one's for you.

the one where Pete is a fairy, and I lose all my writing dignity )


Apr. 7th, 2007 10:00 pm
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7289 words written thus far in 3x17 "Sunday" coda. 17 pages in 12 pt. Times New Roman for those of you who process pagecount better. Approx 3250 words to go, according to the ever ballooning outline.

I tend to do all my writing in a plain text editor, including html tags as I go so I can paste directly into my lj client when I'm done. I prefer writing w/ sans serif fonts. Used to use Verdana a lot, but now I usually use Trebuchet MS. I hate writing things out by hand, partly because I write non-linearly, partly because I wordcount obsessively. I apply strange numerical rules to writing. For this fic, every scene is approximately 950 words. If I see myself going significantly over 950 I will split the scene I'm writing into two scenes and make up the difference (hence the ever ballooning outline). If I get bored writing a scene, I will wordcount what I've written, subtract it from 950, make a note and switch to another scene.

I like writing dialogue best. I like writing sex scenes second best. Regular prose is sheer agony. I am can't of writing in the omniscient. I've tried more than once. My beta's came back to me asking wtf I thought I was doing. Only they used nicer words.

I'm good at spelling, thank God, or I wouldn't be able to get anyone to read over my stuff, considering I pretty much never spellcheck. I'm good at grammar, theoretically. You can't tell, really, with the amount of poetic license I take.

I'm physically incapable of ending a sentence in a preposition. This occasionally makes dialogue awkward.

What are your weird writing quirks?

In other news, I'm reading too much Fall Out Boy RPS and watching too much One Piece, and Nina Simone is *win,* though the Yeah Yeah Yeahs make a better soundtrack for this particular story.

ETA: Oh yeah, and thanks to whichever anonymouse gave me the virtual Easter present.



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