Oct. 7th, 2006 01:22 pm
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Supernatural. WHEEEEEEE!

And the vid at the beginning was so shiny this time. Like, not even in an LKBV way. It was actually just a cool vid.

spoiler cut )

BSG. BEE ESSSS GEEEEEEEEEEEE. The crack is so PUUUUUURE. And I feel bad for all the fans who didn't get into this show for the crack and the mindfuck and the breaking.

Oh wait, no I don't. I mock them. Loudly and derisively for not seeing it coming. This is the guy who wrote Carnivale. He's BATSHIT CRAZY.

[ profile] fashes: Why do normal people watch this show?
[ profile] lierdumoa: I know, seriously! This is not the show for them.
[ profile] fashes: It just hurts them.

spoiler cut )

Now I really want to write my Rodney/Starbuck crossover fic. Formerly known as the pervy Rodney/Jeannie fic, until actual Jeannie came on the show and ruined it for me by being a younger sister instead of an older sister, not to mention not nearly crazy enough for my evil ficcing purposes.

But yeah. So with a few changes I can adjust what I have already to write the new improved Rodney/Kara story with the same basic plot, but no incest (so sad, I know) spoiler cut if you haven't seen SGA 3x08 )

In case anyone's been wondering, I've been 1) working on Weir vid 2) working on my fic where Rodney gets turned into a wraith. No idea when either will be done. I might actually need a new computer to finish the vid, but we'll see. I might never have free time again, but that we will also see.

Also, you might be getting a lot more fanart out of me in the future, since I need more drawing practice. My first project -- female John Sheppard. Because I hate all the manips I've seen, and the one drawing I saw of him he was a teenaged girl. I want female John the hot wiry 40 yr. old woman with crazy quirked eyebrows and a big assed gun.


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