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ETA 5/10/10: I've locked comments in this post, because seriously? This post is three years old. I just don't give a fuck about your opinions regarding a fandom I left three years ago. And I'm sure neither do most of the people who published comments when this journal entry was originally posted.

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I wasted a lot of money last year. On fancy white tea to which I ended up developing something of an allergic reaction. On overpriced jeans from the Gap. On at least nine pairs of thong underwear. On an extremely frilly pink dress. On vegetables that grew mouldy in my fridge. On Release the Bats. On the seventeen dollar box of lactaid I left behind on the floor underneath my table-for-one at the Japanese Sushi & Roll restaurant.

Did I mention Release the Bats?

I don't really regret any of these purchases. Well, except the lactaid. But they were for the most part self-indulgent and wasteful. However, if I were asked to pick one purchase—one—for which I am absolutely, positively certain ever single god forsaken penny spent was earned by the creator of the product, it would be While the City Sleeps, We Rule The Streets by Cobra Starship.

I don't consider what I did making a purchase, really. I consider it giving alms. My donation to the church collection.

The Church of Hot Addiction, if you will.

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Oh my god, I love this movie. And yeah, I love the Johnny Depp, and the Orlando Bloom, and Kiera Knightley is hot like burning. The special effects aren't bad either. But mostly, and this actually surprised me—I love this movie for the meta.

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In other news -- SNAKES ON A PLANE.

Best. Teaser/trailer. Ever. "other movies this summer will have, action, explosions, mtants, etc., etc. But none of them will have...


...on a Plane."

DUDE. I just. I started rocking back and forth in my chair with glee. My dad turned to me saying, "What are you getting so excited about." But crack cannot be explained.

Samuel L, you own with a P-W-N.


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