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Regarding the J2 Big Bang Haiti-fail, and specifically the subject addressed in whynot's reaction post.

I don't feel there's anything I need to say about [ profile] gatorgrrrl that hasn't already been said, but I would like to put my two cents towards certain responders to the wank, specifically those who said:
"If this has taught me anything, you shouldn't even try to write POC."
"Yup. This is definitely what I've taken away from the whole clusterfuck."

...and similar comments in that vein.

People don't find themselves at the center of epic race wanks by accident. Racist people find themselves at the center of epic race wanks because they did something preposterously racist.

People who are not racist are not afraid of being called racist. They are not afraid 1) because it is very unlikely to happen and 2) because on the off chance they are wrongly accused of being racist, they can remain secure in the knowledge that hardly anyone is taking their accuser(s) seriously.

Men do not find themselves a the center of epic rape scandals by accident. Rapists find themselves at the center of epic race scandals because they treat women heinously.

Men who do not have a rape mentality are not afraid of being called rapists. They are not afraid 1) because it is very unlikely to happen and 2) because on the off chance they are wrongly accused of being rapists, they can remain secure in the knowledge that even genuine rape victims are often not taken seriously.

People cannot catch homosexuality as though it were a contagion. Closeted homophobes are afraid of "catching gay" because they are themselves gay and hope to suppress their gay urges with obvious overcompensation.

People who are not closeted homophobes are not afraid of being called/becoming gay. They are not afraid 1) because it is very unlikely to happen and 2) because on the off chance they are wrongly assumed to be gay/discover heretofore latent homosexual urges, they are and shall remain secure in their own identity and masculinity.

No seriously. Give me another. I can do this all night.

ETA: And as [ profile] amazonziti wisely points out in my comment thread: "They are not afraid 3) because if it turns out it's true that they have said or done something hurtful, they will be more interested in assuaging the hurt and changing their behavior than in indulging their own feelings."

Because of course we all say/do stupid hurtful shit from time to time, but (I like to believe) most of us are willing to admit to our mistakes and apologize for and learn from them, and thus manage to avoid doing anything so offensive/heinous/appalling as to start a browser crashing internet wank.
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Title: 3 Times Sam Winchester Took It Up the Ass
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/OMCs (fans of The OC might recognize the uncredited Ryan Atwood cameo hidden in there), Sam/Jess, implied Sam/Dean,
Rating: NC-17 to be safe
Summary: Stanford-era. 554 wds, unbeta'd.
A/N: This is an excerpt from a much larger Sam/Dean fic I've been writing on and off for the past six months or so. It works as a standalone, though, and I figured I might as well post at least some of what I've been writing.

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May. 22nd, 2008 05:25 pm
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You know what I want? For season 4, I mean?

At least one, preferably two episodes, three if the powers that be are feeling really generous, in which Dean is in hell and Ruby is keeping his body warm for Sam.

C'mon Kripke. Sam full on had a girl in him for like a week. It's only fair.

In conclusion:

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i've talked about you enough lately.

Tell me somebody's written a fic where Kara finds out her husband is a cylon because HIS SPINE GLOWS WHEN SHE's PEGGING HIM. And if it hasn't been written, which it probably hasn't, someone should write it for me.

You know. Now-ish.

Being Human:
[ profile] lierdumoa: you need to watch this show
[ profile] lierdumoa: the vampire is the laziest vampire of EVAR.
[ profile] lierdumoa: and the werewolf is a giant, giant spaz
[ profile] lierdumoa: and when he transforms he screams like a girl
[ profile] lierdumoa: also, I like the music
[ profile] fashes: okay
::later that week::
[ profile] fashes: --> watching Being Human
[ profile] fashes: HE SCREAMS LIKE A GIRL
[ profile] lierdumoa: ::snickers::
[ profile] fashes: I mean you told me, but OHMYGOD
[ profile] fashes: LIKE A GIRRRRRRL
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Title: You Know You're Right
Artist: Nirvana
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: "Have you got that low an opinion of yourself? Are you that screwed in the head?" ~ Bobby, to Dean; ep. 2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose II
Crosspostings: here @ [ profile] vidding, here @ [ profile] supernaturalvid
A/N: Thanks to [ profile] morgandawn and [ profile] sockkpuppett for their invaluable beta work. Thanks also to the McDoƱas. Y'all know who you are. This vid premiered at [ profile] escapade_con 2008.
Extras: specs & effects

[download] 640x360|Xvid|49.0 MB

If you have any problems playing the Xvid, please refer to this guide. If you want to recommend this vid to someone, please do not hotlink it or upload it to your own server, but refer back to this journal entry.

Lyrics )
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Which is to say, I've been vidding. A Supernatural vid. On and off for the past half year, but now? Now I'm making some real progress. I got all inspired to go work on it after I went to [ profile] winchestercon two and a half weeks ago. In the past week I've edited down my audio and filled up roughly 2/3 of the timeline. I've crashed Premiere roughly twelve bajillion times. So, the usual. The editing style is new! And strange! And potentially seizure inducing. In any case, two of my vidding friends told me it looked cool, and I'm fairly certain they weren't just humoring me.

Turning a character's eyes black while maintaining reflectivity? More complicated than it looks.

Lord how I wish you could tween things in the Photoshop CS2 filter gallery. The stamp tool does really neat things to text. And photoshopping 24 frames of text, each with its own layer mask and gradient is super tedious. Okay, it would have been way easier/more efficient if I'd saved the masking for Premiere, but, that would required way more sanity than I currently have at my disposal.

Which is to say, I'll start kicking myself over it as soon as I can peel my ass out of this chair.

Jensen Ackles continues to be staggeringly beautiful. I have not had this much hotness packed into a project file since I vidded Gia. Sadly, this being a CW show and not a made for Showtime (or was it HBO?) movie, he spends far less time naked than Angelina Jolie.

He makes up for it though, with all the gasping and arching and writhing in ... agony.


Fic Blather

May. 5th, 2007 11:23 pm
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[ profile] lierdumoa: I kind of want SPN/Bandslash crossover vampire fic
[ profile] lierdumoa: mostly because I like SPN's take on vampires
[ profile] ficbyzee: oooh
[ profile] lierdumoa: the "can be out during the day, just strongly prefer not to be" take
[ profile] lierdumoa: I have this story growing in my head
[ profile] lierdumoa: as of five seconds ago
[ profile] lierdumoa: where Pete is a vampire since he took home the wrong scene kid when he was still in Arma Angelus
[ profile] lierdumoa: and just ... kept living his life as normal
[ profile] lierdumoa: occasional bizarre animal slaughterings popping up around him nonwithstanding
[ profile] ficbyzee: hee!
[ profile] lierdumoa: and yeah, he's paler than normal, but he's got that Hawaiian thing, so no one really notices
[ profile] ficbyzee: heh
[ profile] lierdumoa: there's a reason his fridge in MTV Cribs is only stocked with liquid candy
[ profile] lierdumoa:
       Patrick: It's like you don't actually need food to live.
       Pete: Ahahaha. Ha.
[ profile] ficbyzee: bwaahhh
[ profile] lierdumoa: and you know he made the 16 candles music video because he always sekritly lamented in his head that real vampires weren't nearly as cool as the ones on Buffy
[ profile] ficbyzee: awww, poor Pete.
[ profile] ficbyzee: totally.
[ profile] lierdumoa: there should be a Winchester brothers cameo in there
[ profile] lierdumoa: Pete gets caught in a dark alley w/ blood on his mouth, holding a stray cat by the scruff, looking stupidly guilty
[ profile] ficbyzee: OH PETE
[ profile] lierdumoa:
       Sam: Hey, dude, aren't you that guy from Fall Out Boy?
       Dean: (to Sam) Hey, didn't you try to make me listen to them once?
[ profile] lierdumoa: much heckling ensues
[ profile] ficbyzee: hee
[ profile] lierdumoa: Sam runs back to the car to get a CD for Pete to sign
[ profile] lierdumoa: Pete and Dean stare at each other standoffishly for a while
[ profile] lierdumoa: he goes back to eating his cat
[ profile] lierdumoa: Dean makes a face
[ profile] ficbyzee: *heart*
[ profile] lierdumoa: possibly, as it is near dawn, he ends up buying Dean coffee and they fuck in a cafe bathroom


Feb. 9th, 2007 01:30 pm
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I have cracked the mystery of nervous!girl. She is not a computer person. As in, she might actually be afraid if she touches one, she'll blow up New York like Peter Petrelli. Also, the instructor should use clearer phrasing, and not say title sequence to go at the front of your animated story when he means introductory logo to go at the front of your reel.

Next class we're to learn Maya. However, we've been strongly advised to learn Maya, before we come into class to learn Maya.


And I get to design a building. Joy.

I decided to take my art history class online. Because honestly. I am not getting up at six o'clock for the second day in a row when I don't get home till 11:00 the night before. I'll be taking care of the switch sometime next week. I would have done today, but I have other things.

Namely, vidding. Vidding all day long. Some eating. Maybe.


My desktop is back to cold hard gray. It was warm comforting brown for a while, but it's color tweak time on the vid, so no warm comforting brown for me.

Vid must be done by next Friday. Ghost Rider comes out next Friday. Guess how I'll be celebrating.

Supernatural has turned into one of those shows I can't watch with [ profile] fashes because we want...private time after watching it. Or perhaps during.

Sam should be 2.14 spoiler ) all the time. Jesus.

[ profile] fashes and I are vidding Supernatural for [ profile] vividcon, btw. By which I mean, I have conned her into doing my clipping for me. I've showed her VirtualDubMod. I have yet to show her MPEG Streamclip. She's an organizational h0r. I'm going to have the prettiest little clip library ever when she's done.

And [ profile] wistful_fever, you know you're beta'ing, right?

Right then. Back to work.
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One pill makes you largerrrrrraaaaand one pilllmakesss you smaaaaaallll... )


Oct. 7th, 2006 01:22 pm
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Supernatural. WHEEEEEEE!

And the vid at the beginning was so shiny this time. Like, not even in an LKBV way. It was actually just a cool vid.

spoiler cut )

BSG. BEE ESSSS GEEEEEEEEEEEE. The crack is so PUUUUUURE. And I feel bad for all the fans who didn't get into this show for the crack and the mindfuck and the breaking.

Oh wait, no I don't. I mock them. Loudly and derisively for not seeing it coming. This is the guy who wrote Carnivale. He's BATSHIT CRAZY.

[ profile] fashes: Why do normal people watch this show?
[ profile] lierdumoa: I know, seriously! This is not the show for them.
[ profile] fashes: It just hurts them.

spoiler cut )

Now I really want to write my Rodney/Starbuck crossover fic. Formerly known as the pervy Rodney/Jeannie fic, until actual Jeannie came on the show and ruined it for me by being a younger sister instead of an older sister, not to mention not nearly crazy enough for my evil ficcing purposes.

But yeah. So with a few changes I can adjust what I have already to write the new improved Rodney/Kara story with the same basic plot, but no incest (so sad, I know) spoiler cut if you haven't seen SGA 3x08 )

In case anyone's been wondering, I've been 1) working on Weir vid 2) working on my fic where Rodney gets turned into a wraith. No idea when either will be done. I might actually need a new computer to finish the vid, but we'll see. I might never have free time again, but that we will also see.

Also, you might be getting a lot more fanart out of me in the future, since I need more drawing practice. My first project -- female John Sheppard. Because I hate all the manips I've seen, and the one drawing I saw of him he was a teenaged girl. I want female John the hot wiry 40 yr. old woman with crazy quirked eyebrows and a big assed gun.


Sep. 14th, 2006 01:08 am
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On Realistic Dialogue and Supernatural Fic

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On SGA Fic, Characterization Choices and Rodney's Porn Collection

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