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Asked by [ profile] ficbyzee

Oh, how I love the Timberlake, let me count the ways. This icon was one of [ profile] fashes' and she let me use it. After I saw the "Sexy Back" music video and decided I absolutely *needed* this icon. Because Justin Timberlake is a tricksy motherfucker and that? Is one fucking subversive music video. Read more... )

I use this icon when I'm feeling particularly tricksy and subversive myself.

Wow, this icon is. Huh. Like three years old, I think. I'd only been vidding for about a year. I got this idea to vid Jay/Silent Bob to Barry Manilow's "Mandy." I even managed to get hold of most of their movies. I got the idea for this icon, so I made it. The vid never got made but I kept the icon, because it amused me.

I like to use it when I'm navelgazing and pretending to call it meta.

This icon came from a batch of Patrick icons I made for [ profile] fashes as a pimping tactic. I had just gotten into bandfandom and was telling her all about how awesome it was and why she needed to join me in my Pete/Patrick lovefest. She was, shall we say, reluctant.

me: the people are whimsical and full of crack!
me: and the lead singer, totally in high school when he was found by the twenty-something year old bassist
her: wait, there's jailbait in this fandom?
her: but...but...the jailbait isn't pretty.
her: you know I can't slash him if he's not pretty
her: I'm just going to keep thinking of him as a fat hobbit in my head
I got her to change her tune )

As for the keywords, "friction in your jeans," I just picked a Fall Out Boy lyric that sounded vaguely porny. I haven't used this icon much yet. I'm sure I'll put it to work soon enough.

Comment and I will ask you to explain three of your icons.
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I...kind of forgot about this, what with the real life.

But. Four people on my flist commented in my "ask me why you're awesome" meme (original post here). Here is why.

[ profile] jackiekjono -- [ profile] permetaform told me you were shiny, and she is never wrong about these things. Evidence: that cool assed vid you had her make for the VVC auction -- one of the most ambitious and creative vid ideas I've ever seen. I want to know you better so I can see your brain in action.

[ profile] diluvian -- You are witty and clever and you love my shows for the same reasons I love my shows (namely the porn). You're one of the people whose comments I look forward to reading the most (and when I say one of the people, I mean you're literally in the top two). *AND* you beta. BETAS ARE AWESOME.

[ profile] monanotlisa -- you actually read my meta! My strange meandering crack meta. And you have *thoughts.* And a lot of the time on lj I feel like I'm just talking to myself, and you always remind me that someone is actually reading my crap, and even beyond that, thinks I'm, like, smart and shit.

[ profile] notpoetry -- You're a dialogue h0r. This is one of my favorite qualities in a writer, if not the favorite. Good dialogue will make me forgive a multitude of sins in a story, and your stories are pretty solid all around. And seriously -- laughed so hard at your Zelenka/John/Rodney fic, even though it was totally not my ship.

If anyone else on my flist wants to know why they're awesome, feel free to leave a comment in this post or the original meme post. Of course, know that I might take over a month to respond.


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