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It would truly make my life if Sherlock's spoiler cut ) somehow involved Benedict Cumberbatch being ginger haired with ferocious mutton chops. Yes, ferocious.

Also, a hoodie. I don't know why, I just really want to see him in a hoodie. Possibly for the lols.

I was writing this meta-fic. My meta has now been Kripked by the show in rather spectacular fashion. But fear not. I now have NEW META to replace the now redundant old meta and possibly an actual plot for my story that will no doubt be seen by four people and never completed.

Don't get too excited. I'm not great with plot. It's less of a "fancy new storyline with twists" kind of plot and more of a "series of canon-adjacent deleted scenes that together create a romantic subplot" kind of plot—or as I like to refer to it: "...meanwhile, in Irene Adler's crotch...."

And oh, hey, I'm on dreamwidth now.
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BSG vid draft has been sent off to beta. I am so fail. I did two system restores before I finally figured out that the reason my computer was freaking out was because I was trying to vid with only 2.5 GB of free space. But hey! I still got the draft finished!


I'm watching Game of Thrones.

spoilers for first 2 episodes )

Apparently this fandom has a kickass food blog. Now I kind of want to have fannish viewing parties solely for the excuse it provides to eat "medieval quails drowned in butter" and drink mead.

Seriously, though. Who else on my f-list is watching this show?


Aug. 9th, 2010 03:00 pm
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TV watching update:

spoilers for True Blood 3x08 )

Also, I'm finally all caught up on Leverage (I was about a season and a half behind).

Other fannish news:

Though I missed out on VVC, I did manage to do some clubbing/karaoke over the weekend. It was good times.

Inspiration finally struck on my BSG Starbuck-centric vid. I've filled in another 54 seconds of timeline. At this rate I should have a completed draft in time for my vacation.

Speaking of, I will be visiting [ profile] par_avion later this month, which I am super excited about.

And that's about all the news I have.
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spoilers )

Also, I totally own the dress Lorena was wearing in this episode. It's 2009 Bebe (see here). :D Now my dress has fannish sentimental value!
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One pill makes you largerrrrrraaaaand one pilllmakesss you smaaaaaallll... )
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It's like they made it JUST. FOR. ME.

SGA 3x11 The Return II )

In other news, I had a good Thanksgiving. My dad has become a total entertainment junkie in his old age (methinks the boredom is getting to him) and is spending his retirement money on broadband internet (finally, omg, dialup for yeeeeears) and two giganimous flatscreen tv's—a 37" for the master bedroom and a 52" for the living room. My sister got an acceptance letter back from one of the law schools she applied to, and it's ranked 14 in the country and close to where she lives. Of course, if she gets accepted to a higher ranked school, she'll go elsewhere. It'd be really cool if she got into Berkeley (ranked 8th) since I'd get to see her all the time. It's early yet, so who knows. V., v. happy for her.

Oh, what else.

Saw the last episode of Dexter. No spoilers except to say that the entire episode was like watching really, really good porn.

And, in closing, a conversation snippet between me and [ profile] fashes:

[ profile] fashes: I'm making an emo post
[ profile] fashes: Is there a mood for "depressed"?
[ profile] fashes: OMG there is. There's totally a mood for "depressed".
[ profile] lierdumoa: Dude, of course there is.
[ profile] lierdumoa: This is LiveJournal.
[ profile] lierdumoa: It's just us and the cutters.
[ profile] lierdumoa: There's no one else.
[ profile] fashes: ::cracks up::
[ profile] fashes: That needs to be a t-shirt.
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I love Hiro. You love Hiro. We alllll love Hiro. spoiler cut )
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SGA 3x06: The Real World

Stay away from those liquid gel capsules, Elizabeth.

They are filled with surrender juice. )

SG-1 10x07: Counter-Strike

Okay, this isn't really an episode review so much as a crackchat with spoilers.

And here be the spoiler cut. )

SGA 3x07: Common Ground

When I saw the preview for this episode I thought to myself, "this one's going to require an extra set of panties."

Suffice it to say, I was not disappointed.

It's like they made it just for me. )
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SG-1: The Pegasus Project )

SGA: Irresistable )
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spoilers )

SGA 2x16

Jan. 6th, 2006 11:53 am
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spoilers )


Dec. 9th, 2005 08:19 am
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After "Critical Mass"?

I found a new use for this icon (previously used for vidding posts).

::falls cackling to floor::



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