Apr. 8th, 2007 01:43 pm
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Pete/Patrick overload, MAKE IT STOP. No seriously, I read probably close to a novel or two worth of bandslash last night. Pet peeve of the day. People who do not tag. Don't you know your journals only exist to service me?!? And I've still only bothered to find out which one is Pete and which one is Patrick. Ryan who? It's like my early forays into due South.

Speaking of which, [ profile] adrienne2 pointed out to me the other night that Ray Kowalski does not use contractions, to a ridiculous degree. Much like season 1 Teyla. Her language started corrupting after that, not that anyone who writes Teyla dialogue in the fandom actually noticed this—hell, people still think Ronon doesn't use contractions, which just adds fodder to my theory that 80% of SGA fandom doesn't actually watch the show.

No, seriously ppl. Simpson doesn't work there anymore. We haven't seen her since 1.04. There are other, hotter female scientists you could be writing.

I haven't been reading much SGA lately. Okay, that's a lie. I just haven't been liking most of what I've read, which then leads to my not finishing stories/blocking them out afterwards. There is way, way, way too much BDSM in this fandom.

And the tiny hand fic will be a scar on my brain forevermore. You know the one. Don't pretend you don't.

My SGA fic is progressing apace. I'm pretty sure it's the most self-indulgent thing I've ever written, up to and including the time I wrote a masturbation scene with a genderswapped Rodney and everyone kept telling me how realistic it was. Yeah, I still can't believe that actually happened.

The people telling me it was realistic. Not the writing of it. I would totally write crap like that. That is so me. Thank your stars my laziness spared you the period sex.

No, no, this post doesn't have a point.
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Today I.

Stared at my self indulgent love letter to John Sheppard, also known as the "Sunday" coda, which does have a title, though I've taken to calling it spoiler ) in my head.

Completely failed to write anything into said coda. The night is young, or so I'm telling myself. I have the notes for scene seven lying around somewhere.

Glutted on One Piece (my favorite pirate anime). I am now on episode 176. I called [ profile] fashes to squee. Then the next download finished and I had to hang up on her.

[ profile] lierdumoa: Okay, I should go back to ... doing things.
[ profile] fashes: You mean doing nothing?
[ profile] lierdumoa: Yes, that.

I'm on the Skypiea arc in One Piece. Roronoa Zoro is walking around in a form fitting dark blue tank top and ass hugging black ninja pants. Unusually metro for him. Nami keeps taking her shirt off, which I am all for, even if her bikini is kind of hideous. I mean, seriously, where would you even find a paisley bikini? I don't know why Sanji is wearing a pink hawaiian shirt. I don't want to know why Sanji is wearing a pink hawaiian shirt. Zoro killed a (giant flying) eel and started pondering different ways to prepare and eat it. I think he's been spending more time around his boyfriend than he's been letting on. Nico Robin continues to win at everything. Like Indiana Jones. Only with breasts, and mass murder.

I *will* break 7000 words by tomorrow. Goddamnit. As soon as I get to ep 180.

Ooooh. Zoro just got a gaping chest wound. He must be close to winning, then.

I <3 my show.


Mar. 30th, 2007 03:08 am
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In regards to that whole wank thing, I just want to thank [ profile] liviapenn for being the grown-up and saying everything I meant to say with grace and tact. Frankly, I was just not having a "be the grown-up" day and I'm grateful there were other people around to pick up the slack.

I invite anyone who wishes to defriend me to do so, if they have not already. I invite anyone who wishes for me to defriend them, take them off my instant messenger buddy list, etc. to tell me so in this post. Comments will be screened for everyone's privacy.

In other news, 5718 words written thus far in 3x17 "Sunday" coda. And I fail at outlines. Fic now looks like it will be anywhere from 8500-9500 words by the time it's done.


Mar. 25th, 2007 01:08 am
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5080 words written thus far in 3x17 "Sunday" coda
approx. 2600 to go according to (revised) outline

A good chunk of that is lame John angst that I will probably have to rewrite entirely. Eh.


Mar. 23rd, 2007 03:22 am
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3400 words written thus far in 3x17 "Sunday" coda
approx. 3200 to go according to outline

I am actually more than halfway done with a fic. I can't remember the last time this happened.


Mar. 22nd, 2007 02:54 pm
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I'm 2,994 wds into an SGA 3x17 "Sunday" coda (McShep, NC-17) and I need to know the names of 1) the female doctor who went though the gate at the end of the ep and 2) the Asian female physicist in 3x18 "Submersion."

In other news, I've just read the first two of Naomi Novik's Temeraire books. They are awesome. I'll probably go buy the third one today or tomorrow.

I'm all a'squee over two new shows, but I probably won't be very actively fannish about either of them.

The first being The Riches. Family of gypsy con artists posing as affluent suburbans, starring Eddie Izzard and Minnie Fucking Driver. Enough said.

The second being Blood Ties. They made a vampire bodice ripper into a show. I always thought the main thing wrong with vampire bodice rippers was that they weren't tv shows. In case anyone is interested I made a giant icon post.


Dec. 15th, 2006 10:16 pm
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I cancelled on the date.

He e-mailed me and spelled "you" with a "u" about four times in a single paragraph. This is a visceral squick for me. I didn't realize how much until I literally involuntarily flinched away from my computer screen.

I mean, if I'd actually been physically attracted to him as opposed to simply finding him ojectively somewhat good looking I probably would have forgiven this, as English is not his first language, and certainly not his best but, well, not worth the effort.

I need to meet more people.

All final projects are due next week. I'm really looking forward to not having to carry around my portfolio bag anymore. I mean, you know the thing is heavy when you end up spending the night lying on your flatmate's heating pad like an old, old woman.

The bright side is that my Anatomy teacher thinks I am awesome. He called me a "very good artist" like, twice. We were doing portfolio review to see how we had improved over the course of the semester. Then he asked what I thought I should work on. For other people he had suggestions. For me he was just like "so...what do you want to do now?" And then he asked what my major was and I could *hear* the disappointment in his voice when I told him computer animation. I was adorable.

Apparently he thinks we stop drawing when we get into advanced computer modeling stuff. Those wacky fine arts people.

In the world of the fannish, apparently 30 seconds of empty timeline is translating to 30 hours of vidding.

Suffice it to say, the motherfucking Weir vid is still not done. I'm trying to knock the rest out tonight. On the bright side, I finally figured out where to fit more Ronon in.

And hey, while I'm here, some SGA trivia I picked up on:

Incoming wormholes dial clockwise and outgoing, counter clockwise. The chevrons and symbols also light up differently in either circumstance.

Atlantis interiors are red, rust brown and beige, except in and around the gateroom where there's a lot of gray metal, green and aquamarine walls. Most of the lighting is blueish or greenish. The floor of the gateroom often looks purplish due the blue of the wormhole. Elizabeth's office has both aquamarine walls and wall highlights. The beige walls in the main conference room often look green or greenish blue due to the light coming from both the walls and the table. Gateroom consoles have white and orange internal lighting. Lighting in personal quarters is generally yellow from what I can tell, not that we get to see it very often. External lighting is yellow as well, making the gray of the city look gold in exterior night shots, though of course, that's all CG. Thanks to [ profile] z_rayne for correcting some of my observations.

There are about 7 shots of the city that are repeatedly used as establishing shots throughout season 1, an additional three I believe, added in season 2, two of which are nighttime shots, one from season 1, one new to season 2. On the other hand there are a great deal of city shots both during the day and at night that have plot relevance specific to certain episodes.

The music used in the zooming city shots during "The Siege II" (III? I can't remember which) sounds suspiciously similar to one of the instrumental themes in The Matrix movies.
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[ profile] lierdumoa: Hermiod is such a bitter bitter temp who hates his crappy temp job
[ profile] lierdumoa: now I want an Office Space AU
[ profile] fashes: 'splain?
[ profile] lierdumoa: with Hermiod sitting at a desk all day
[ profile] fashes: HEE!!!
[ profile] lierdumoa: going "Corporate accounts payable, Nina speaking."
[ profile] lierdumoa: "Just a mooooment."Read more... )

The Cast (incomplete):

John Sheppard .... Peter Gibbons
Rodney McKay .... Joanna
Ronon Dex .... Michael Bolton
Teyla Emmagen .... Samir Nagheenanajar
Elizabeth Weir .... Lawrence
that guy from "Condemned" .... Milton Waddams
Stephen Caldwell .... Bill Lumbergh
Jack O'Neill .... Tom Smykowski
Lucius & Laden .... the Bobs
Hermiod .... Nina
Samantha Carter .... Brian, Chotchkie's Waiter
Nicholas Lorne .... Drew
Carson Beckett .... Dr. Swanson
Radek Zelenka .... Steve, Magazine Salesman
Richard Woolsey .... Boss #2, whose name I can't remember
General Landry .... Boss #3, whose name I also can't remember
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Mutability was nominated in the WIP category.

[ profile] newkidfan's and my Deleted Scenes (here and here respectively) were jointly nominated for the Manip category.

Polls are currently open at [ profile] mcshep_awards.
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It's like they made it JUST. FOR. ME.

SGA 3x11 The Return II )

In other news, I had a good Thanksgiving. My dad has become a total entertainment junkie in his old age (methinks the boredom is getting to him) and is spending his retirement money on broadband internet (finally, omg, dialup for yeeeeears) and two giganimous flatscreen tv's—a 37" for the master bedroom and a 52" for the living room. My sister got an acceptance letter back from one of the law schools she applied to, and it's ranked 14 in the country and close to where she lives. Of course, if she gets accepted to a higher ranked school, she'll go elsewhere. It'd be really cool if she got into Berkeley (ranked 8th) since I'd get to see her all the time. It's early yet, so who knows. V., v. happy for her.

Oh, what else.

Saw the last episode of Dexter. No spoilers except to say that the entire episode was like watching really, really good porn.

And, in closing, a conversation snippet between me and [ profile] fashes:

[ profile] fashes: I'm making an emo post
[ profile] fashes: Is there a mood for "depressed"?
[ profile] fashes: OMG there is. There's totally a mood for "depressed".
[ profile] lierdumoa: Dude, of course there is.
[ profile] lierdumoa: This is LiveJournal.
[ profile] lierdumoa: It's just us and the cutters.
[ profile] lierdumoa: There's no one else.
[ profile] fashes: ::cracks up::
[ profile] fashes: That needs to be a t-shirt.


Nov. 18th, 2006 10:28 pm
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I'm the biggest continuity h0r in the universe.

I'm writing an SGA/HP crossover. In between some gratuitous makeout scenes and lots of John/Rodney bickering, I totally found a way to explain the entire Harry Potter universe using Stargate science (granted, I'm dipping into the shadier areas of Stargate science ::cough::ascension::cough::, but my logic? SEAMLESS!).

Now the key is to figure out how not to bore people to death with my pages and pages of pseudoscientific exposition.

On the bright side, I surpassed my weekend goal of hitting the 3000 word mark, without even putting in a sex scene.

Still haven't figured out how to start the story. I need to come up with some sort of outline.
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Someone should really write me John/Rodney porn with John really, really enjoying fucking Rodney and Rodney really, really enjoying getting fucked.

And, because fair's fair, I'll start thing's off with a bribe.

porny excerpt from Mutability )


Oct. 7th, 2006 01:22 pm
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Supernatural. WHEEEEEEE!

And the vid at the beginning was so shiny this time. Like, not even in an LKBV way. It was actually just a cool vid.

spoiler cut )

BSG. BEE ESSSS GEEEEEEEEEEEE. The crack is so PUUUUUURE. And I feel bad for all the fans who didn't get into this show for the crack and the mindfuck and the breaking.

Oh wait, no I don't. I mock them. Loudly and derisively for not seeing it coming. This is the guy who wrote Carnivale. He's BATSHIT CRAZY.

[ profile] fashes: Why do normal people watch this show?
[ profile] lierdumoa: I know, seriously! This is not the show for them.
[ profile] fashes: It just hurts them.

spoiler cut )

Now I really want to write my Rodney/Starbuck crossover fic. Formerly known as the pervy Rodney/Jeannie fic, until actual Jeannie came on the show and ruined it for me by being a younger sister instead of an older sister, not to mention not nearly crazy enough for my evil ficcing purposes.

But yeah. So with a few changes I can adjust what I have already to write the new improved Rodney/Kara story with the same basic plot, but no incest (so sad, I know) spoiler cut if you haven't seen SGA 3x08 )

In case anyone's been wondering, I've been 1) working on Weir vid 2) working on my fic where Rodney gets turned into a wraith. No idea when either will be done. I might actually need a new computer to finish the vid, but we'll see. I might never have free time again, but that we will also see.

Also, you might be getting a lot more fanart out of me in the future, since I need more drawing practice. My first project -- female John Sheppard. Because I hate all the manips I've seen, and the one drawing I saw of him he was a teenaged girl. I want female John the hot wiry 40 yr. old woman with crazy quirked eyebrows and a big assed gun.


Sep. 14th, 2006 01:08 am
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On Realistic Dialogue and Supernatural Fic

Read more... )

On SGA Fic, Characterization Choices and Rodney's Porn Collection

Read more... )

5 Things

Sep. 2nd, 2006 11:08 pm
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For [ profile] mecurtin

Five Things Sheppard Has Worn and Liked )

More later.
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SGA 3x06: The Real World

Stay away from those liquid gel capsules, Elizabeth.

They are filled with surrender juice. )

SG-1 10x07: Counter-Strike

Okay, this isn't really an episode review so much as a crackchat with spoilers.

And here be the spoiler cut. )

SGA 3x07: Common Ground

When I saw the preview for this episode I thought to myself, "this one's going to require an extra set of panties."

Suffice it to say, I was not disappointed.

It's like they made it just for me. )


Aug. 1st, 2006 07:36 pm
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In honor of SGA 3x03 "Irresistable" and the sheer joy that is an expositing Rodney, I decided to waste a truly hideous amount of time making a 34 frame animated icon.

Shareable, but credit me if you do use.
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SG-1: The Pegasus Project )

SGA: Irresistable )


Jul. 29th, 2006 09:38 pm
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I've figured out what I'm writing for [ profile] fish_like_bikes (the Stargate female character kink/cliche challenge). Due Aug. 21, so hopefully I'll finish in time. I was flailing for a while there and hating all of the story prompts I was given, but then [ profile] justabi tweaked a few of my ideas and made the world a shinier happier pornier place. I have it pretty much all plotted out.

One more week of summer classes!

And I'm disappearing next weekend to visit my parents and finish my art final due Tues. after next.

Then I'm getting my hair all cornrowed up.



My life, it is made of awesome.


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