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May. 5th, 2007 11:23 pm
lierdumoa: (wentz sneer)
[ profile] lierdumoa: I kind of want SPN/Bandslash crossover vampire fic
[ profile] lierdumoa: mostly because I like SPN's take on vampires
[ profile] ficbyzee: oooh
[ profile] lierdumoa: the "can be out during the day, just strongly prefer not to be" take
[ profile] lierdumoa: I have this story growing in my head
[ profile] lierdumoa: as of five seconds ago
[ profile] lierdumoa: where Pete is a vampire since he took home the wrong scene kid when he was still in Arma Angelus
[ profile] lierdumoa: and just ... kept living his life as normal
[ profile] lierdumoa: occasional bizarre animal slaughterings popping up around him nonwithstanding
[ profile] ficbyzee: hee!
[ profile] lierdumoa: and yeah, he's paler than normal, but he's got that Hawaiian thing, so no one really notices
[ profile] ficbyzee: heh
[ profile] lierdumoa: there's a reason his fridge in MTV Cribs is only stocked with liquid candy
[ profile] lierdumoa:
       Patrick: It's like you don't actually need food to live.
       Pete: Ahahaha. Ha.
[ profile] ficbyzee: bwaahhh
[ profile] lierdumoa: and you know he made the 16 candles music video because he always sekritly lamented in his head that real vampires weren't nearly as cool as the ones on Buffy
[ profile] ficbyzee: awww, poor Pete.
[ profile] ficbyzee: totally.
[ profile] lierdumoa: there should be a Winchester brothers cameo in there
[ profile] lierdumoa: Pete gets caught in a dark alley w/ blood on his mouth, holding a stray cat by the scruff, looking stupidly guilty
[ profile] ficbyzee: OH PETE
[ profile] lierdumoa:
       Sam: Hey, dude, aren't you that guy from Fall Out Boy?
       Dean: (to Sam) Hey, didn't you try to make me listen to them once?
[ profile] lierdumoa: much heckling ensues
[ profile] ficbyzee: hee
[ profile] lierdumoa: Sam runs back to the car to get a CD for Pete to sign
[ profile] lierdumoa: Pete and Dean stare at each other standoffishly for a while
[ profile] lierdumoa: he goes back to eating his cat
[ profile] lierdumoa: Dean makes a face
[ profile] ficbyzee: *heart*
[ profile] lierdumoa: possibly, as it is near dawn, he ends up buying Dean coffee and they fuck in a cafe bathroom

Fic Ramble

Apr. 24th, 2007 03:34 pm
lierdumoa: (subversive)
[ profile] lierdumoa: I kind of want to write angsty fic where everyone is convinced that Patrick is straight and Pete is hideously bitter
[ profile] lierdumoa: and over the years he's gotten better at hiding it
[ profile] lierdumoa: but, you know, the first time someone asked him if he and Patrick ever—you know, Pete wasn't expecting the question and did something horribly obvious and over-dramatic like grimace and say in a very clipped tone "Patrick's straight" and then excuse himself from the room and stare a little too hard at his bottle of medication before going to bed
[ profile] lierdumoa: also, in my head, the fact that Patrick goes for guys.
[ profile] lierdumoa: comes out in the most casually random way ever
[ profile] lierdumoa: like they're just hanging out one night making conversation w/ friends
       Pete: Patrick doesn't kiss guys
       Patrick: Yeah I do.
       Pete: ... what?!
[ profile] fashes: ROFL
[ profile] fashes: YIS IT'S LIKE THAT
[ profile] fashes: with sputtering
[ profile] lierdumoa:
       Patrick: Dude, you kiss me all the time.
       Pete: That doesn't count. It's not even on the mouth.
       Patrick: Oh.
       Patrick: Does the erection I get afterwards not count either?
[ profile] fashes: yeeeeeeeeeee
[ profile] lierdumoa:
       Pete: ... what?!
[ profile] fashes: ::SNORFLE::

Re: the Bedussey fic

My first beta came in this morning. Second one should be coming in this evening. Fic will probably go up at some point deep in the dead of night, so you can all read it tomorrow.


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