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Which is to say, I've been vidding. A Supernatural vid. On and off for the past half year, but now? Now I'm making some real progress. I got all inspired to go work on it after I went to [ profile] winchestercon two and a half weeks ago. In the past week I've edited down my audio and filled up roughly 2/3 of the timeline. I've crashed Premiere roughly twelve bajillion times. So, the usual. The editing style is new! And strange! And potentially seizure inducing. In any case, two of my vidding friends told me it looked cool, and I'm fairly certain they weren't just humoring me.

Turning a character's eyes black while maintaining reflectivity? More complicated than it looks.

Lord how I wish you could tween things in the Photoshop CS2 filter gallery. The stamp tool does really neat things to text. And photoshopping 24 frames of text, each with its own layer mask and gradient is super tedious. Okay, it would have been way easier/more efficient if I'd saved the masking for Premiere, but, that would required way more sanity than I currently have at my disposal.

Which is to say, I'll start kicking myself over it as soon as I can peel my ass out of this chair.

Jensen Ackles continues to be staggeringly beautiful. I have not had this much hotness packed into a project file since I vidded Gia. Sadly, this being a CW show and not a made for Showtime (or was it HBO?) movie, he spends far less time naked than Angelina Jolie.

He makes up for it though, with all the gasping and arching and writhing in ... agony.


Date: 2007-11-02 04:43 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You don't know how happy this makes me.

Or, maybe after our personal bonding time in the airport, you do.


*keeps an eye out for the Jensen*


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