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Wherein [ profile] permetaform and I laugh at cripples (so to speak):

[ profile] lierdumoa: Dude, you have to see this ad. Over half the commercial is made up of horrifying medical disclaimers. You keep expecting it to be a spoof on pharmaceutical commercials, but no. It's actually a real ad.
[ profile] lierdumoa: LINK
[pause for commercial break]
[ profile] permetaform: Wooooow.
[ profile] lierdumoa: Sudden death? Sores? WTF is this, AIDS in a bottle?
[ profile] permetaform: [googles]
[ profile] permetaform: Apparently, rheumatoid arthiritis is basically having an overactive immune system, so the drugs for it are immunosuppressants. So ... yes. AIDS in a bottle.
[ profile] lierdumoa: ...huh. That...huh.
[ profile] lierdumoa: Okay if I were that desperate, though, I still wouldn't take this drug. I'd be like, "Screw that. I'm having high risk sex instead."
[ profile] permetaform: Yeah, why put up with a series of injections when instead you could—
[ profile] lierdumoa: —put up with a series of injections?
[ profile] lierdumoa: ::snickers::

In other news, I'm following this completely amazing au crackfic on [ profile] kinkme_merlin. It has the best drunk dialogue/representation of drunk characters I have ever come across in a work of fanfiction. I literally laughed until I cried. But that detail is merely a footnote in this epic, hijinks-filled tale of romance in the modern age.

I'd quote something, but I don't want to spoil any of the story, so instead I'm going to give you a technically accurate yet completely misleading summary: Merlin starts up an anonymous online relationship. He has no idea that his internet crush is in fact his celebrity crush, famous actor Arthur Pendragon. Arthur's been keeping his homosexuality carefully concealed behind the virtual closet doors of gay online forums. What happens when Arthur stops being so careful?

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