Nov. 27th, 2008

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Yesterday my ecorche instructor told us a heartwarming tale in which he had said to his graduate figure sculpture class, "Happy Thanksgiving," and a Chinese student, in heavily accented broken English, responded, "What is Sexgiving?"



So, uh, I've been buried under a mountain of schoolwork. But my school locked all us poor art students out of the building for the weekend, so we're all enjoying a compulsory hiatus from our finals panic.

In fannish news, I've finally properly outlined my woman!Dean fic, and thus have determined with greater certainty that I am approximately 1/3 of the way done. It was a headache trying to work out the timeline. The story jumps around a lot.

I want to make a Sam vid to Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt" (yes, the original, not the Johnny Cash cover) only I can't decide whether I have enough of an arc to make it now or whether I should wait until the series is over. Granted, considering the speed at which I typically vid, I probably won't get to finish it until the series is over anyway.

I have these very strong visuals in my head juxtaposing Sam and Dean shoving each other into walls with the Sam and Ruby sex scene, set to the thumping bassline of the chorus. Also, evil!Sam. Also, teary eyed!Sam. And flashback sequences of happy moments. Flashback sequences.

It's basically about Sam turning into a wreck over his inability to save Dean. A pathetic wreck. I already have an unofficial title for the vid. It's called "crying and masturbating."

I'm pretty sure the vid's not going to be an LKBV, but it feels like I'm making one anyway simply due to the sheer quantity of shameless self-indulgence that's going into it. But then, I'm sure I've said before that the best vidding experiences are the ones that leave you feeling like you just got away with murder.

Happy Sexgiving, everybody! Eat well!


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