Jan. 13th, 2009


Jan. 13th, 2009 02:59 pm
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So I've started my latest vid project. SPN. Ruby. I'm having fun with the pitch shifter. It's this shiny tool that makes annoyingly high pitched singing voices less high pitched, and therefore less annoying. Just out of curiosity, I tried it on "Dirty Diana." And like magic, Michael Jackson became black again. And Shirley Temple turned into an eighth grade boy.

Yes, my music collection is large and varied. I know all the lyrics to "Hard Knock Life."


So I went to the movies last weekend. I think? I'm actually not sure what day of the week it was. I lose track when I'm not in class/working, which I'm not for the next two weeks.

My Top 10 Reasons Why The Twilight Movie Very Surprisingly Did Not Suck

#10 This movie is hilarious. I'm not just talking about myself, here. Apparently numerous theater patrons agree with me.

#9 The actors are good. The teenagers actually act/look like teenagers. The parents actually act/look like parents. The vampires actually act/look like eccentric rich people. I particularly liked Rathbone's performance. He somehow manages to have more personality than everyone else in the movie combined without any speaking lines whatsoever.

#8 The movie is well filmed/edited. It features one of the most effective montages I've seen in recent history.

#7 The music didn't suck! Only one ear bleeding song, and it didn't start up until the credits were rolling and I was able to escape the theater.

#6 There are lots of actors from racial minorities, and they have lots of dialogue. Which kind of makes up for all the Native Americans having exotically long, flowing, raven hair.

#5 The human boys with crushes on Bella are a lot less skeevy in the the movie than they are in the book. Which is to say, they accept rejection far more gracefully.

#4 The girl who has a fantastic rack is complimented on her fantastic rack by two other girls. The boys, meanwhile, are not actually onscreen enough to voice an opinion.

#3 It passes the Bechdel test.

#2 Only one female in the movie looks underfed, and she's not the lead.

#1 Although the movie features numerous deaths, there is only one kill shot. It is of a female vampire, who clearly has dance training, snapping the neck of a male sexual predator, in a ballet studio.


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