Feb. 11th, 2007

lierdumoa: (vidding crazy)
I spent yesterday deep in vid-farr. [livejournal.com profile] fashes called and reminded me to eat, which was good of her, since I hadn't eaten for fourteen hours.

Vid goeth well! I gave Weir her balls back. Verse 3 is fixed! Except for two tiny empty spots I need to replace with clips of sick/dying people. There's not a single wasted clip in the entire verse now (as opposed to before, where virtually the entire verse was a bunch o' wasted clips).

I think I might have just one explosion in this vid after all. Verse four. I'm still debating.

Premiere crashed on me once. Kind of unexpected. It hasn't crashed on me in forever. Considering how much Premiere used to crash on me, it must *really* like the new editing codec I'm using. Go me! Anyway, there was angsting and me completely forgetting what I did and spending three times as long re-doing it. I think the autosave function died before premiere itself died. I have it set to save every five minutes and I know I lost at least fifteen. I'm happy with it, though. Premiere was fritzing a little last night as well, so I restarted. Strange, strange program. I close it, and it's all, "FATAL ERROR, MUST SHUT DOWN." I'm like, "Dude, chill. I just closed you. There was no error. Tard." Then it's all "WILL TRY TO RECOVER CURRENT PROJECT" despite the fact that I'd already saved the project, literally seconds before and there was nothing to recover.

::pets Premiere::

I know, honey. You're very, very tired. It's been a hard days night and you've been working like a little bitch.

Tonight I'll pretty much be doing homework straight on through the night, go to class to turn it in, then come back home and either pass out then vid some more or vid some more and then pass out. It all depends on if I can catch my third wind.

I may have to break down and drink something caffeinated.


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