Jun. 29th, 2010


Jun. 29th, 2010 05:57 pm
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Within the past five days I:

Found out I'll be missing an event I've been looking forward to for months (the date for which was only recently revealed) because it conflicts with the vacation I've already purchased plane tickets for.

Failed to submit anything to vividcon. I just wasn't happy enough with the rough draft to feel like I'd be able to have a satisfactory final draft by the deadline. Which is to say, the vid didn't really feel convention-worthy. In any case, I'll probably be posting it to my lj within the next couple weeks.

Missed a vocal lesson after getting on the wrong bus and not noticing my error until I glanced up, thinking I must be getting close to my stop, and realized I was in fact clear across the city.

Contracted a mild case of dysentery.

No, seriously. TMI ahead )Suffice it to say, I am never buying ravioli from that pizza place down the street ever again.

I went to a four hour concert on Sunday, despite the dysentery. I managed to make it through the concert, though I was clenching my buttocks very tightly on the way back to my apartment afterwards.

The concert was outdoors. I am heinously sunburned. I kind of forgot I could get sunburned. Usually I just tan and tan and tan. Then again, usually I don't go from vampire pale to Persian dark in a single sitting. Pre-sunburn, my skin actually looked paler than that of half the white people standing around me (many of whom were over-tanned themselves). Now I think my skin is in shock.

Speaking of, had a blast at the concert. Kris Allen is awesome live. He continues to be dreamy. And bouncy. And pocket sized. And God I love his voice.

Under normal circumstances I'd be annoyed to attend a concert surrounded by teen and preteen girls, but in this case it was actually nice to not be a head shorter than everyone and thus be able to see the stage. Especially with a front man as pocket sized as Kris.

No, seriously, I almost cracked up when the tech guy came out after the preceding performer to lower the mike stand by like, a foot. I almost cracked up again when Kris proceeded to sing *on his tip-toes.*

He could not be more precious if he tried.

So. Week from hell. But it did have it's high points.


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