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My VVC panel/vidshow proposal was approved!!! YAAAAAAY!!!

I've been wanting to do this panel for years and years, but I somehow kept missing my window or not having money to attend or some other issue that resulted in this panel not happening.

The subject of my panel/vidshow is constructed reality. Fanfiction for the visual storyteller. That type of thing.

I know most of what I'm putting in the show, but I would like a few recommendations for constructed reality vids that have come out more recently, say within the past year. I'd prefer recommendations be for vids that have an actual plot, and aren't just straight (heh) softcore porn. I already know plenty of vids like that. Not that I think people would necessarily *object* to a vidshow made up entirely of softcore porn, but I'd like to have a little variety to work with for when I'm leading the panel discussion. ;)

Date: 2011-03-31 01:25 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] astolat
Obviously the awesome HL vid "Opportunities" which you probably already know about, but if you want some story trailers, I have a couple recs:

[ profile] cheapxdate's vid of my AI8 RPF zombie story:

and [ profile] nerjav's vid of Crown of the Summer Court:



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